So Sad: Teen Kills Father With An Axe While He Was Sleeping

This is horrible. 19-Year-Old, Marshall Giles Jr., allegedly killed his father (also named Marshall Giles) with an axe on Wednesday night while he was sleeping. His father was still alive when the police arrived their with major cuts and damage to his head. Giles Jr. didn’t try to escape, he was hiding inside the house. When the police had told Giles Jr. why he was being arrested – he was smiling and laughing. Marshall Lee Giles (father) died the next day on Thanksgiving. Biz Baby

Teen Suffering From Rare Sleeping Disorder-Once Slept from Thanksgiving to Xmas!

A Teenage girl is searching for a cure. She suffers from a rare sleepin disease Kleine–Levin syndrome aka “Sleeping Beauty” disorder. This causes people to sleep for about 18-19 hours a day and when shes awake life is a blur she remains in a “sleepwalking” state. Shes searching for a cure and unfortunately there isn’t one available. FunkFlex

(PHOTOS) NBA: Lol, Nets Edition of Got’em! Deron Williams Gets MarShon Brooks Again!!

C’mon MarShon!  They got you again?! Lol. Last month Deron Williams & Reggie Evans pranked MarShon Brooks by filling his car with popcorn (see pics in gallery) and now D-Will & team got him again. Smh.  This time because it was the first plane ride of the season… GameTimeGirl

NBA: Kevin Love Injured His Elbow How?!

Kevin Love couldn’t play basketball this weekend because of a sore right elbow. What happened?  It had to do with how he slept, maybe this bed will help him. Lol.  Check out the story… GameTimeGirl

Tech Talk News: Is Your Tablet And Smartphone Stopping You From Sleeping??

Researchers say people with Smartphone and Tablets have a harder time going to sleep at night.  Studies suggest that lights from the devices make harder for people to sleep.   I’ve most definitely fallen victim of this, dark room and bright devices are a no go. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Tech Talk Apps: Talk In Your Sleep? Find Out With The Sleep Talk Recorder App!!

This sounds very interesting. I am going to check the app store for this app ASAP. Make sure no one is trying Inception on me lol. Check out the Sleep talk recorder app after the jump. ShottaDru X TatWza

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