Sports: That Is ALOT of Porn! Check What Team USA Men’s Hockey Team Will Get if They Win Gold!

Is this a good incentive to make sure they win gold? I guess depends who you ask, lol. One of the biggest porn companies in the world, Brazzers, has offered a special deal to all members of the men’s USA Hockey team if they bring home the Gold medal from the Sochi games. Today they will play in the semi-finals against Canada, which if they win will earn them a free month of HD porn. But if they beat Canada and win the final game to win the Gold, the freebie turns into a 10 year free porn pass! I am not sure how much porn costs but I have a feeling since most of the guys on this team play professional hockey they could afford it regardless. But still, naked girls and athletes go hand in hand and I am sure alot of men across America are wishing they could be part of the team now if they win Gold!

(Video) Holographic Police To Guard The Olympics?!

Police in Sochi are installing holograms at the entrance to their police stations to guide people in Russian and English language about important security info, especially with all the visiting countries, should someone get lost or need feel safe.

Sports: Sochi To Kill Stray Dogs Throughout Olympics

Anyone that knows me knows I’m all about animals (shout to my baby Bijan), so this is very bothersome to me.  There has to be a different, better way???  Killing dogs shouldn’t be the answer. Sochi plans a mass killing of stray dogs ahead of Winter Olympics and will kill them throughout the Olympics.  This is terrible.  Hit the jump for details…

(Video) Sports: Olympic Torch Holder Accidently Set On Fire!!

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia are fast approaching. As the usual business of the Olympic flame, it is currently being passed from torch bearer to torch bearer around the country leading up to the big flame once the games kick off. Well someone had a little issue with the flame yesterday and his arm and neck wound up engulfed in flames very quickly. Hopefully he is ok. Hit the jump for the video.

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