(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Explains Why He Is Promoting Chris Brown/SouljaBoy Instead Of Broner

photo credit: IFWT IG So when Chris Brown and Soulja Boy started talking about boxing their problems out, it was said by both guys that Adrien Broner would be promoting the fight and making everything happen. It didn’t take too long for Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent to jump in the mix as well and also claim that they are going to be the ones promoting the fight.

(Photos) Nia Guzman Responds To Soulja Boy’s Comments

Earlier today, Soulja Boy said he’d hung out with both Nia Guzman and her daughter Royalty at Floyd Mayweather’s house last night, which would be a pretty big problem, considering who Royalty’s dad is and his beef with Soulja. Sure, Nia is free to do what she wants, but using their child as a pawn to be petty in the situation is NOT the way to do it…but according to her, that’s not what she was doing. While she never denies she was at the house, she says she’s been cool with Mayweather for months now, and has been posting Royalty in TMT gear before this whole mess with no problems. Apparently, there is a “project” in the works for Royalty that Mayweather is sponsoring, but I don’t know. The timing of her post of Royalty in TMT clothing yesterday was not the move, no matter the intentions. I’m not Chris fan, but I’m certainly not a fan of using children in a war, either.

(Photo) Boxing: Adrien Broner Sets Fight Date & Says He’s Training Chris Brown for Soulja Boy Match

I am CONFUSED.  First Adrien Broner dropped a flyer for the Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy fight since a boxing match was his idea, then 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather took over and dropped their own flyer for the fight saying it’s under Mayweather Promotions, now Broner dropped another flyer with About Billions promoting the fight and he set a date for the match!

(Photo) UPDATE: Masika Kalysha Drags Nia Guzman For Rooting For Soulja Boy In Midst Of Beef

In midst of the whole Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown beef, Chris’s baby mother Nia Guzman has openly shared her support for Soulja Boy. As recently reported, Nia took to Instagram with a photo of her daughter Royalty and tagged Mayweather, who is currently training Soulja Boy. Fetty Wap’s baby mother, Masika Kalysha has now spoke on the photo saying Nia is totally out of line.

(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Training Soulja Boy for Fight Against Chris Brown

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather have taken over the Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown boxing match, with Mayweather Promotions now promoting the fight. 50 Cent is backing Chris Brown putting up $100,000 on him and Mayweather is backing Soulja Boy.  Mayweather has also agreed to train Soulja which is great for him, especially considering the hilarious video of Soulja training himself.

(Photo/Video) Boxing: 50 Cent & TMT Swipe Soulja Boy v. Chris Brown Fight From Adrien Broner

Adrien Broner initially suggested a celebrity boxing match for Soulja Boy and began to put things together after Chris Brown said he wanted to be the opponent;  Broner even posted a flyer for the event. Apparently, 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather decided they’re going to promote the fight.

(Video) Compton Native Has A Few Words For Chris Brown And Soulja Boy

A man from Compton has now made a 30 minute video on the Soulja Boy and Chris Brown beef. The man says he is REALLY from Compton and neither one of them has had to go through what he has went through with Bloods and Crips. He says it is not a game out there. He says people have died, families have been broken, and lives have been destroyed from the violence in Compton. He goes on to explain life living in Compton.

UPDATE: Soulja Boy Says He Was Hanging With Chris Brown’s Daughter & BM; Chris Responds

UPDATE [10:39am EST]: As expected, Chris Brown is NOT having it. The singer just responded to Soulja Boy’s tweet where he claimed to be hanging with Chris’ daughter and her mother at Floyd Mayweather’s house last night, and he wants Soulja to know things will get SERIOUS if he keeps Royalty’s name involved. Original story and Chris’ video below!

(Videos) 50 Cent Endorses Chris Brown Vs. Soulja Boy Fight; Has $100,000 On Breezy

50cent Instagram You know it was bound to happen that Fif got involved! He now backs Chris to take down Soulja Boy in the celebrity boxing match.

(Video) Boxing: Soulja Boy Training for Fight Against Chris Brown; LOL Check Out His Moves

Earlier today, Adrien Broner posted a flyer confirming that he’s setting up a celebrity boxing match for Soulja Boy against Chris Brown.  Soulja is already preparing for the showdown as he posted videos on his Snapchat showing off his training and his ummm boxing moves.

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