Police Officer Gets Caught Watching Porn And Masturbating

Camden police officer Marshall Lee Hardin II has just been charged with misconduct after he watched porn and masturbated to it while on the job. He watched the porn on his cellphone and then moved to a nearby public restroom.

Bun B Reports From Trump Rally In South Carolina

Bun B has always taken a healthy interest in politics, helping to inform the hip-hop community about what’s going on. Teaming up with VICE, the Trill OG has taken to the Trump campaign trail to shed a light on the racism what’s going on from that side of things. The result? Exactly what you think it would be… “As Trump takes the stage, complimenting the sportsmen who introduced him as ‘very rich and very nice,’ I get it,” Bun reported. “This isn’t about politics. This is about a famous person from television coming to town.” He continues after the jump.

South Carolina Legislator Hands Out Confederate Christmas Cards

This past summer South Carolina voted to pull down the confederate flag at the South Carolina Statehouse. It’s crazy that it took until 2015 for it to come down but that’s another story for a different time. Perhaps it was because of the nine innocent people that were killed in June by a white supremacist? With that being said do you think it would be smart for any South Carolina legislator or anyone for that matter to hand out Holiday cards featuring the Confederate flag? Nope I don’t think so. Read more after the jump!

(Video) South Carolina Officer Fired After Attacking High School Student

South Carolina sheriff’s deputy, officer Ben Fields was fired today, just days after a video of him attacking a female student at Spring Valley High School went viral. In the video, you can see Fields grabbing the student by her neck, and attempting to yank her out of her desk. He then proceeds to flip the desk over while she’s still seated and throw her across the room. The incident occurred Monday, the officer was suspended without pay and then ultimately fired, Wednesday. Read more below.

(Video) Gang Members Beat Up Klu Klux Klan Members After Rally In South Carolina

Yesterday, the white supremacy group KKK rallied at the South Carolina State house to protest the removal of the confederate flag. During the rally police had to break up only a few small fights however, after the rally members of the Bloods gang beat up several members of the KKK. Hit the jump for more.

(Video/Photos) Ku Klux Klan Protested Taking Down The Confederate Flag In South Carolina

Ku Klux Klan Protested Taking Down The Confederate Flag In South Carolina. Hop into the post to check it out! #IFWT!

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