NYU Student Under Arrest In North Korea

A South Korean student studying at New York University was arrested last week for traveling into North Korea illegally. Joo Won-Moon is 21 years old student from South Korea who has permanent residency in the United States. He is currently living in Tenafly, NJ.

Man Sneaks On Cruiser To See Pregnant Wife

Andreas Guenther is facing federal charges after he snuck onto a ship with hopes of getting to South Korea.

(Photo) Former Body Guard Of Kim Jong Il Reveals Ordered Executions Over What!!

Lee Young-Guk has revealed the painfull details of how his former leader dealt with his own native people. Claiming that he had even sent one of his officials to a concentration camp for using his personal ash tray.

(Video) Snoop Dogg Partied With WHO In South Korea?

Snoop Dogg recently took a trip to South Korea and partied gangnam style with the country’s most famous party animal, Psy. Check out the video of Psy telling TMZ what it was like to work and party with Snoop D-O double G after the jump.

(Video) Captain In South Korea Sinking Ferry Charged & In Custody

Sad! Last week a ship in South Korea sunk leaving 29 dead and 270 missing. It’s being said that the captain, Lee Joon Seok, wasn’t in the steering room when the Sewol started to sink and a third mate was at the helm.

“It is not clear where (the captain) was when the accident occurred, although it is clear that he was not in the steering room before the actual accident happened,” state prosecutor Jae-Eok Park said Friday.

Maritime law attorney Jack Hickey told CNN, “This captain violated the age-old rule and internationally recognized rule that a captain must stay on the vessel.” For this an arrest warrant was issued this morning for the ol’ captain and two mates. Seok is in custody. Drop down bottom for charges.

A$AP Rocky Honored With A Fashion Award!

When it comes to fashion, A$AP did that! A guy from the hood, who is not afraid to step out of the box when dealing with attire. Love it! Hit the jump for the deets on A$AP Rocky being named Global Style Icon.

(Video + Photos) Oh No! Justin Bieber Attacks A DJ Because He Wasn’t Playing Hip-Hop?!

I guess Justin just will not learn his lesson, until someone else beats his behind AGAIN! The Biebs was in South Korea turnt down so when he approached the booth and asked, DJ Michael Woods to play more hip-hop, Woods said, “fuck off and put some clothes, [this according to Woods himself],” Biebs took a “cheap shot” at the DJ’s security. Party host, Ben Baller says that the two did get into a feisty altercation, but Woods is blowing things all the way up. Tsk Tsk. But wait, it’s not over…hit the jump for more. Hip-Hop trend got JB on ONE!

20 Injured In A Promotional Stunt Gone Wrong For WHICH Tech Company??

It’s mind boggling to think that any team of marketers ever thought an event like this would be a good idea, but in a promotional stunt by LG involving BB guns and knives on sticks, 20 people were injured in Seoul, South Korea. In hindsight, it seems obvious that the event would go awry. LG released 100 helium balloons, each with a voucher for a free LG G2 smartphone attached. The phones, which retail for the equivalent of $851 in the country, would be given to each participant able to pop a balloon. Participants arrived with BB guns and scrambled after the balloons. One participant even arrived with a pointed stick.

(Video) SO Sad! Asiana Airline Plane Crashes In San Francisco

A flight going from South Korea to San Francisco crashed Saturday afternoon. Authorities are still investigating the situation, but the tail was rumored to have fallen off and caused the crash, and the aircraft rolled over a few times. Two people died and 61 injured out of almost 300 people on the flight. Luckily, the majority of the people survived. You can see the what’s left of the plane in a short video after the jump.

WTF! North Korea Launches 3 Missles?!?

North Korea is not playing! North Korea shot 3 missles into the sea, and South Korea has confirmed this. South Korea believes they are looking to practice their range in a future attack on them and Japan.

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