(Photos+Video) Bizarre Slow-Speed Chase In Southern California

Similar to New York City, California has its share of craziness that occurs each day on the calendar. I’m from both locations, so believe me! Yesterday, no different! A man lead Los Angeles police on a bizarre slow-speed chase in Southern California, specifically San Fernando Valley.

(Live Video) Rockstar Games GTAOnline Artist Series Live At Hot 97; Vado, J Medina, Dj Kast One, Budadafuture, GrandzMuzik

And another great gaming event going down as We The Best’s/Most Hated Vado along side producers Budadafuture and Grandzmuzik take on Hot 97”s J Medina and Dj Kast One in some MDK’s(Murder Death Kill’s), and testing of driving skills in GTAV Online!!

Investigators Say That The Truck Driver Involved In Tracy Morgan Accident Was Speeding

No matter what the driver who killed one and put others in critical condition, including actor Tracy Morgan says, he’s going down for this one. Truck driver, Kevin Roper was going well over the speed limit when he crashed into a limo bus, investigators are saying. Drop down bottom for the details.

Paul Walkers Autopsy Report Unveils Details From Deadly Crash

The untimely death of Paul Walker has left many wondering the details in the cause of his passing, the L.A County Coroner has released a new autopsy revealing more on the tragedy, hit the jump for more.

NYC Comptroller Candidate & Former Madam, Kristin Davis Accused Of Doing WHAT?!

LOL! The former madam thing got me…Kristin Davis, a candidate in the running for NYC comptroller [controller] was said to have been arrested yesterday for illegally selling prescription pills to an informant. Tsk Tsk! Hit the jump for the 411.

(Photo+Video) IFWT ‘Puts Them Paws’ On The NEW Galaxy S IV!!!!!

Ok Samsung Had their GSIV event at Radio City Today(Initial Pics Here), And I was there to put ‘Them Paws On It’, Hit the Jump the See the Full List of Pics!!!

The Fastest Movie You’ll Ever Watch…The Matrix In 60 Secs!!!

This Is Mos Def Dope!!! 2 Hour Movies….’Ain’t Nobody Got No Time For That’, Hit the Jump for The Matrix, IN 60 Seconds!!!

#SHAME – 19 Year Old Pennsylvania Man Suffocated His Girlfriend After Doing What ???

SO sad. People can be really sick. Daniel Klinger, had been threatening to kill his girlfriend for a while, but this day he succeed. Klinger drove his car at 100mph right into a gaurdrail. After the wreckage he then proceeded to sit on his girlfriend’s head and torso. Sammi Heller, did let a friend know that Klinger was driving like a maniac before it all went down. Among some of the things found in the car were marijuana, cash, a digital scale, a pipe, pills and a black air pistol. While sitting atop her head and torso, Daniel was closing his eyes, opening them and moaning. I know he was on something more than weed. CRAZY. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

(Photos)Serial Killer Leads Police To Bodies Of His Victims!

The serial killer known as the “Speed Freak Killer” was let our of death row in order to lead police to the remains of people he murdered years ago. Now bones, the humans he killed were found in wells. He was called a speed freak killer because he and his partner went on a killing spree while high on methamphetamines. Hit the jump Steph B

(Video) Biker Posts Video Of Him Going 186 Mph Now A Fugitive!

Randy George Scott posts up a video of him doing 186 Mph down a highway in Canada.  He rode through several towns on a Yamaha R1 ,weaves through traffic and really escapes what could have been his death.After posting this insane video cops are now looking for him regarding this stunt. Steph Bassanini

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