(Video) Man Gets Smacked By Car For Not Looking Both Ways While Crossing Street

Everyone knows when you crossing a two ay street you look left, right then left again then right(depending in what country you’re in). This man obviously didn’t follow those simpe rules and got smacked by a car. Click below to see the video Posted by –>@WilMAjor

Caught On Tape: Cars Crash On Highway, One Flies In The Air And Driver Falls Out While In The Air!

Check out this brutal car accident on the highway with two cars. One Of the cars went flying in the air a few times and the driver fell out while in the air. WOW! Click below to see the video. @WiLMajor

Tech Talk Device: Is The Droid Razr The Fastest Android Ever???

As of right now, the video of the speed test it took after the Jump suggests that it is the fastest droid ever, right now, the way NEW Androids drop, I don’t know how long it can keep the title :-/ Watch the Video to see the Test for yourself! +TatWZA

(Video) Tech Talk Warning: Speeding Tickets By Camera Is Coming!!!

Now, We all get in a rush from time to time, much like we all used to run red lights from time to time, But when they instituted red light Camera’s, we slowed up on that for fear of that Ticket to come in the Mail, well there’s a NEW Camera system coming that tracks your speed and easily ID’s your license plate, So will you may be in trouble Soon! hit the Video after the Jump for Proof! WZA on Google+

Tech Talk Device: Speed Of The iPhone 4 Vs. iPhone 4S!!!

This is kinda incredible, for those that wondered or said “Ahh I don’t need a 4S, I have a 4” let me say this, this Video let’s you know how foolish you sound, there is absolutely NO comparison!! There is another phone next to the 4S that seems to take an L, but Not as bad, hit the link and see for yourself!!! WZA on Google+

Tech Talk Performance: iPhone 4S Proves How Fast It Is!!!

This should give you some inspiration to go out Friday, and buy one, but hit the jump and see the performance!!! WZA on Google+

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