(Update) Tech Talk News: The Keys to the Apple Keynote!!!

Ok after the Jump is pretty much all the NEW Apple iTems(See what I did there!) are after the Jump!! including what will affect the NEW iPhone!!! WZA on Google+

Tech Talk Device: Tmobile Claims LG Gslate Is Faster Than iPad & Xoom!!!

 As reported by BGR, Tmobile is claiming they have THE Fastest Tablet available, and seemingly cheaper too! Tmobile says it’s coducted an independent study putting thr LG Gslate against the iPad and the Motorola Xoom ”The testing was conducted in two cities – New York and Seattle – across 30 locations and at least five repetitions with each device per location per market. The total sample size was 300 tests encompassing at least 70 percent of a market.” See The Full details after the Jump! Tat WZA

Tech Talk Rumor Is: T-mobile Getting Fastest Android Out???

OK Samsung and T-mobile partner up again, but this time they are bosting the Fastest Android, but See the Pis that started the Rumor after the Jump! @TatWZA

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