(Video) Detroit Man Tries To Kill Spider With Lighter, Gets Explosive Results

A Detroit man’s extreme fear of spiders almost caused him to lose his life. According to authorities, the impetuous use of a lighter to kill a spider on his gas door, nearly caused a conflagration at a gas station. Check out the craziness!

(Video) WTH! Spider Crawls Into Man’s Appendix Scar And Lives There For Three Days!

Well. I. Never! A man went on vacation to Bali and got more than he bargained for as a spider crawled into a old wound and stayed there…More after the jump.

(Photos) WTF?! Couple Claim They Found Giant Spider In A Bottle Of CoCa-Cola

Amanda Barr, from Eastbourne,England bought a 3-liter bottle of Coke from Iceland, her partner Steve Knight poured her a glass, and they claim that they found a huge spider floating on the top. The couple went ahead and measured it and saw that it was just under 5 inches. This is just nasty! A representative from Coke says: “We can understand the distress this incident must have caused. That’s why we have arranged to collect the bottle and spider from her so that we can investigate thoroughly this complaint.” I don’t care how much you think you love this soft drink, you’ll never look at it the same after you see these pictures.#smh Hit the jump then view the gallery for the pictures

(Photos) WTF?! Man Fights Arachnophobia By Getting A Huge Spider Tattoed On His Face

Eric Rico Ortiz of Deltona, Florida wanted to fight his extreme fear of spiders, so he decided to get a tattoo of a huge black widow spider on his face. Makes sense, right? LOL! Shortly after he debuted the new ink, his girlfriend gave him the boot with the quickness. See the explanation Ortiz gave for his very odd choice of his new facial tat below & peep the wild flicks in the gallery.

Joshua Tree Spider Named After U2 Frontman !!!

A newly-identified species of spider living in California’s Joshua Tree National Park has been named after Bono, the Riverside Press-Enterprise reports. Biologist Jason Bond of Auburn University in Alabama recently discovered 33 new species of trapdoor spider, with three of them found in the Mojave Desert landscape that gave its name to U2’s 1987 album. Bond named two of those spiders after Native American tribes and called the third A. bonoi after the U2 frontman, who also wrote the score for the musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. Read more below! Russ B

A What Was Found In A Bag Of Whole Foods Grapes ??!!

On Monday Nora Weiss thought she was doing a regular food shopping when she purchased a bag of Sunview Organic Table Grapes from a Whole Foods store in Fairfield, Conn. But when she went to take the grapes out of the bag to wash them she realized there was a black widow spider inside the bag! (Those of you who aren’t aware of black widow spiders, they are considered the most venomous spiders in North America.) But Weiss said she doesn’t care if this happened, she will continue to buy organic food. I mean, a black widow is pretty scary to find in a bag of grapes.. But I think I would prefer a spider once in a blue than all the preservatives and cloned products all the time..For the rest of the story click below. Mickey

(Video)LOL! A Man Tried To Kill A Spider With Brass Knuckles And What Happened Instead??!

Check out this video below of this guy scared of a spider in his bathroom who decided he wanted to try to kill it with brass knuckles! Mickey

Auto Talk: Ferrari 458 Spider Goes Topless In Italy

The latest exotic two-door to wear the Cavillino Rampante is the Ferrari 458 Spider, and our friends at eGarage.com hopped a plane to Maranello so they could see it in person. How’s it look? How do you think it looks? The already gorgeous coupe has been given a styling kick that also turns the aural pleasure knob to 12 (11 is so last year). Funk Flex Find Flex On Google+

Tech Talk Device: This Tablet, Laptop, Gaming Unit, and Smartphone Are the Same!!!!

This Device is either extremely Tough, or rather tonka-ish, I’m hoping Tough, because we don’t need or want toys in the mobile war! I don’t really know the company, but KT seems to have a good device here, The KT Spider. It’s not a new idea, but taking it to the next level, using a Smartphone to power a Laptop, Tablet, & Gaming unit, with the smartphone it’s self, inserted like a giant sim card, the the Video of it working!!! Tat WZA WZA on Google+

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