(Video) NFL: Eagles Fan Spits at Saints Fan After He Celebrates Game Winning Field Goal

The Philadelphia Eagles Wild Card game against the New Orleans Saints came down to a 36 yard field goal which Shayne Graham nailed giving the Saints the 26-24 win.  A Saints fan named Nick Scelfo apparently made the trip to Philly and bravely celebrated the Saints win amongst some hostile and disgruntled Eagles fans.

(Caught On Tape) Detroit Bus Driver Fights Crazy Passenger!!!

Man, oh man. It got all too real on a Detroit bus. One unruly passenger that was extremely upset about the bus machine not returning her ticket chose the wrong one to flex on. She decided to spit at the bus driver, but from the looks of things, that didn’t work out too well. I guess it didn’t help that many of the passengers incited the driver’s violent response. Check out her reaction after the jump.

(Video) LOL…Woman Goes Ape Sh*t On NYC Subway!!

I mean this is really not funny, seems as though shorty is a bit bugged out, dud def shouldn’t have put his hands on her, even if she did spit on him, but she went above and beyond, pretty much attacking other passengers that were just trying to help, but look for yourself and lets us know what you think!

(Audio) Oh HELL NO! Justin Bieber Spits In A GUY’s Face?

An Ohio DJ who opened up for Justin Bieber at, Social Room on Park Street in Columbus, OH says that the newly-found bad-boy spit in his face! “Two of Bieber’s bouncers approached me and said I was trying to take pictures of Bieber,” says the Ohio man. “He called my mom something, called my dad something, called me something … and spit in my face,” he adds. This guy plans on filing charges. GOOD! Now, that’s nasty! Bouncers or NOT, I probably would have put my paws on him for spitting in my face. Hit the jump and listen to the allegations.

Uh Oh! The Wife Of The Man That Justin Bieber Spit On Is Talking Madd Sh*t About JB!

I understand her anger, but is it worth speaking out about? His wife is going as far as saying, “He’s a punk. He thinks he’s invincible. He can’t continue to have a bunch of enablers around him.” (Basically saying his latest crowd is to blame.) Then she goes on to say, “Spitting on someone is unacceptable. He can’t do this to people.” Then she admits that JB hasn’t even apologized yet. Ah, the trouble isn’t ending for Justin!

Justin Bieber Responds To Neighbor’s Allegations Of Spitting & Death Threats

Justin Bieber has been going in a rather scary downward spiral as of late. The most recent report for the troubled pop star comes from his neighbor in his affluent Calabasas, CA town, who claims the Biebs SPIT on him and threatened to kill him during a heated confrontation the two recently had over Justin racing his car around the neighborhood at alarming speeds. Naturally, Justin is denying the reports. Details below.

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