Tech News: Sprint Releases XPRT

  If your a Sprint customer who had an interest in the Verizon Motrola Pro, Sprint has released  its own version called the XPRT. Just like the Verizon veriosn this phone is also World Wide. @tatWZA @YBJ Specs inside

Tech Talk Mobile Plans: New Pricing For Sprint & T-Mobile!

It seems as though Sprint and T-Mobile are Like Minded by Putting out New Pricing Plans around the same time, Hit the Jump and See for yourself! @TatWZA

Tech Talk Warning: Sprint And Google Voice Are NOT in Sync!!

Apparently Sprint and Google Voice wasn’t such a good idea, at least that is what a swarm of users are coming back with, and That’s troubling for me because I was getting ready to get that Nexus S, but if this is how Sprint is doing I will hold up, See the problems after the Jump. @TatWZA

Tech Talk Shopping: Sprint Stepping It’s Tablet Game Up!!

Sprint is letting the world(AT&T & Verizon) know it has the capability to drop big named devices too, and it has announced the Motorola Xoom is coming to sprint and they don’t even want you on contract with it since they are serving up the WiFi only version of the Honeycomb Tablet, Hit the Jump for pricing and date of release. @TatWza

Police Can Now See Through Walls!

Thanks a lot Cambridge Consultants for developing a handheld device called the “Sprint” that can help Law Enforcement to see through walls, well it does 3D imaging that see’s the objects in the walls and floors, so that secret stash, suckas! @TatWza

Sprint Not Happy With AT&T-mo Deal

Above is how AT&T describes how the Merger Will Effect The US Mobile Market, And Sprint Has some Select Words for that…See Details. @TatWza

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