(Mug Shot) NFL: Woman Who Won Chad Johnson’s Dating Reality Show Stabs Boyfriend; Chad Reacts

Yikes! The woman who won Chad Johnson’s VH1 dating reality show was arrested this week.  Police say she stabbed her boyfriend in the chest with a knife. Hit the jump for the story & Chad’s reaction to the news…

WTF?! Why Did This 9 Year Old Chinese Boy Stab Himself In The Chest??

Now, I’ve heard of being hard on yourself, but this is over the top! A young Chinese boy stabbed himself in the stomach with needles after scoring a 99% on a final exam. The child, who is from Heilongjang Province, shoved four metal skewers into his stomach out of frustration from not scoring a perfect 100%! Check out the details!

(Video) Caught On Tape: Stabbing Tire Leaves Man Shirtless & Dazed

Be careful how you plan on taking your revenge, Karma not always on your side! A man looking to get back at a guy(not sure why) decided he’d hurt him best by giving him a flat tire. By stabbing it, and Not taking into account the pressure release from said tire, it took his shirt off and threw him to the ground. Embarrassed much?!

WTF? Crazy Florida Man STABS Couple For Making Him Feel Like The “Third Wheel”

53-year-old Andrew Sullivan was arrested after he stabbed a couple with a box cutter for kissing in front of him at Star of the Sea Outreach Mission on Stock Island in Florida. The couple apparently made him feel like a “third wheel” and he wasn’t having that.

Breaking: Virginia State Sen., Creigh Deeds Attacked Inside His Home, Now Suffering From Serious Injuries

Update: 11/19/2013 – 11:36am It’s now being reported that, Austin (Gus) Deeds is the one who stabbed his father, Creigh Deeds, 55, and then turned a gun on himself. Deeds, who was arrested on underage drinking charges in 2009, was found dead in the home. In 2009, Creigh ran for governor and lost to, Bob McDonnell – current governor – who releases this statement: “Creigh Deeds is an exceptional and committed public servant who has always done what he believes is best for Virginia and who gives his all to public service. He cares deeply about Virginia, and the people of Virginia care deeply for him. I urge all Virginians today to join me in praying for a full and complete recovery for Creigh and for many more years of his public service to the commonwealth. At this moment, our state unites in prayer for Creigh Deeds and his family.” Creigh Deeds remains in critical condition. [via] 11/19/2013 – 11:13am Virginia State Sen., Creigh Deeds was assaulted inside of him home. Democrat, Deeds was stabbed and police are saying that his son was found in the home deceased – gun shot wounds. After authorities responded to the scene around 7:25am, Deeds was flown to UVA Hospital in Charlottesville, where he remains in serious condition. As the story develops, IFWT will fill you in.

(Photos) Crime Scene Photos In The Jodi Arias Case…Don’t Look If You Don’t Like Blood !!!

The murder trial for Jodi Arias has been in session for a little while now. In 2008 after shooting and stabbing her boyfriend, Travis Alexander to death, Arias lied about committing the crime and then recanted, stating that it was in self-defense. LIES (innocent until proven guilty)! Well, now some of the crime scene photos are out. Check out the gallery for the photos. JaaiR (JR)

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