(Video) SMH: D.C. Teen Gets Killed Over A Piece Of Chicken

This is just horrific. 17-year-old Ernest Hart was at a family cookout in D.C. when he got into an argument with another man over a piece of chicken. The dispute resulted in Hart getting fatally stabbed in the neck.

(PHOTO) NFL: Uh-Oh! One of the Suspects In Stabbing Of Steelers Player Mike Adams Raps With Wiz Khalifa!

Looks like Steelers offensive tackle Mike Adams won’t be singing “Black & Yellow” anytime soon. He was stabbed during a robbery attempt last weekend.  Two arrests have been made while they are still searching for a third person.  What’s interesting is one of those already arrested is affiliated with Wiz Khalifa. Yikes.  I wonder what Wiz has to say about this?! Report after the jump…

NFL(Video) Crazy! Steelers Player Stabbed During Attempted Robbery

Steelers lineman Mike Adams is currently in the hospital after being stabbed earlier this morning in Pittsburgh. Not many details have been released as of yet, but apparently he was stabbed during an attempted robbery. From his hospital bed he wrote on twitter he felt lucky to make it out alive. “I had an angel looking out for me!” Adams wrote. “I’ll be ok just gotta fight to get back harder then ever.” The second year player had a very solid rookie season last year, starting 6 games and playing in 10 games total. He is expected to make a full recovery, which everyone will be thankful for.

NBA: Former NBA Player Stabbed & Seriously Injured in Bar Fight

Predrag Danilovic, the Serbian guard (often called Sasha) who played for the Heat and Mavericks back in the 1990s, is in serious condition after being stabbed in a bar fight back in his native country  Read more after the jump.

(Photos) Tragic! NY State Trooper Stabbed At State Capitol !!!

Off all places, at the capital? Smh! Hit the jump for the full story.

Sports (Report): Ex-Penn Basketball Star Allegedly Killed By Wife For Watching Porn!

What in the hell?!  Every man watches porn, you can deny it all you want…but I know what it is!  There may be a little twist to this story though.  It’s one thing if he was watching porn, but it’s another if he was watching a certain kind of porn (no, not gay).  Of course it doesn’t warrant the man getting stabbed & killed, but I would be upset too.  Such a sad story.  Check out the report after the jump…

Not Again!! Atlanta Falcons Fan Stabbed After NFC Championship Loss !!!

Today the Atlanta Falcons loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship, but that’s no reason to go and start fights smh! Hit the jump for the full story. AliTheGreatest

Man Beats, Rapes, & Stabs Girlfriend Then Leaves Her Corpse For 6 Months

Devon Omar Epps is a certified lunatic, with a side of crazy. Autopsy reports show that he beat his girlfriend, Veronica Jones, with a metal table leg, raped her, and stabbed her 32 times then left her decaying body in the bath tub for over 6 months. A month after she went missing her family reported it to the police who basically told them that she wasn’t missing and that people have a right to be estranged from their family. The body wasn’t found until Epps was evicted and Epps was arrested a few days later and charged with premeditated murder, use of a weapon other than a firearm, rape, murder by torture and corporal injury to a spouse or cohabitant. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

Student Stabbed 25 Times In His Sleep

  A 19-year-old student from NJ that was residing in Italy was stabbed 25 times in his sleep , by his roommate. His roommate has been arrested but has not yet been charged for the crime. Fortunately, Fabio Malpeso survived the attack and is currently recovering. This attack came exactly 5 years after the similar infamous attack of Meredith Kercher by Amanda Knox. Steph B

(Video) So Sad: Nanny Stabs Children To Death In NYC

I just can’t imagine the horror of a mother coming home to her dead children. Well that’s what Marina Krim had to face when she came home Thursday evening. She found her two children in a bathtub, stabbed to death, with the nanny laying, bleeding nearby. What a sick world we live in, watch the rest of the story after the jump.. Biz Baby

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