Wow! Australian Mother Arrested For Stabbing & Killing Her 7 Kids & Niece!

An Australian mother was arrested for stabbing and killing her 7 kids and her niece who ranged from ages 18 months to 14 years. Read more on this crazy story after the jump!

(Caught On Tape) New Orleans Woman Stabs Random Pedestrians On The Street

A suspicious looking woman was caught on tape stabbing up random locals on Decatur Street in New Orleans on November 30th, 2014. The disturbing footage was captured from nearby surveillance cameras on the street. However, the police have yet to make any arrests in this extremely disturbing case. In the video, you can see the woman roaming up and down the streets looking for a new victim to poke up with her knife. Although the stab wounds were not fatal, this woman is still posing a huge threat to the community. Check out the highly disturbing video footage of the stabbing below. Let’s hope the police can find this wacko ASAP!

Woman Who Stabbed Mary J. Blige’s Father In The Neck Sentenced to 365 Days In Prison

The 50-year-old woman named Cheryl White who stabbed legendary R&B songstress Mary J. Blige’s father has been sentenced to 365 days in prison. The two were reportedly in a relationship when things turned sour and violence ensued last January in Battle Field, Michigan. After popping all of her ex’s tires, the women then proceeded to stab Blige’s father in the neck with a kitchen knife. However, 50-year-old Thomas Blige has dealt with a bunch of other domestic abuse encounters with White, with this being the latest addition to the saga. Luckily Blige is in stable condition and the injuries were not fatal. “She’ssssss goiinnnngggg doooowwwwwwwn *Mary J Voice.*

(Video) WNBA: Phoenix Mercury Star Brittney Griner Stabbed In Knife Attack In China

This is truly sad to hear. Griner is currently playing basketball in China during the WNBA off season and when she and some of her teammates were returning from practice, a crazed man welding a knife attempted to attack them. Griner was cut in the elbow and posted a video of the police capturing the suspect. Hit the jump for video.

Smh! Another Stabbing After A Chris Brown Club Performance

According to TMZ, someone was stabbed following a Chris Brown performance at Supperclub in Hollywood Monday night. Law enforcement say that this is another bad incident following Brown and his entourage, and the cops are quietly trying to stop this.

New Jersey Man Stabbed His Wife 86 Times For Being Too Messy

A jury convicted a New Jersey man of murder in the killing of his ex-wife. Her offense? A messy housekeeper apparently. Prosecutors say he used a 8 inch knife, to brutally slay her. He faces life in prison and is set for sentencing on September 12.

(Video) Stabbing During Meek Mill’s BET Awards Pre-Party?!

A BET Awards Pre-Party hosted by Meek Mill, resulted in a man being rushed to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Hollywood last night. Officials say the man is in his 20s and was stabbed inside Lure Nightclub Saturday night after a fight broke out. The man is now said to be in critical condition,  check out the video footage of the critically injured man during the aftermath after the jump.

(Photo) Whoa! A Man Is Stabbed In The Back At A Queens McDonald’s!!

Wow. Earlier today, a man at a Queens McDonald’s was stabbed in the back… literally. Check out the photo after the jump.

Bronx Boy Stabs His Bully To Death & Claims He Was “Afraid For His Life”

14-year-old Noel Estevez fatally stabbed his alleged bully, 14-year-old Timothy Crump, after the two had a falling out over a stolen cell phone. According to NYPD officials, Estevez was “afraid for his life” after Crump jumped him. The two boys were friends until Estevez allegedly stole Crump’s cell phone, causing the beef to brew. Estevez then stabbed Crump outside of their Bronx elementary school, leaving him for dead. “He stole the victim’s cellphone a few days ago. That’s what the beef was about. The victim was no angel either,” said a NY police officer. “They would go inside the building and urinate in front of his door, they’d kick his door,” building worker Jorge Guerrero said. “They come to his building screaming up at his window, ‘We’re going to catch you,’?” said Estevez’ neighbor Stephany Arroyo. “Every day, they come.”

A Man Stabs Three Men With A Machete In Brooklyn!

A man wielding a machete sliced and diced three young men outside a Brooklyn catering hall early Saturday morning. Find out what caused the man to pull out the weapon after the jump!

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