Financial Goals: Oprah Earns $60MiL In ONE DAY After Becoming Part Owner Of Weight Watchers

While everyone is hashtag[ing] relationship goals, I am trying to find out how to get on Oprah’s team. The already billionaire has earned herself another $60+ million after she became a 10% stake owner for Weight Watchers, a program that “offers a holistic approach to weight loss.” Hmm, the true meaning of investing in your future. Find out more down bottom.

NBA: 20% Stake of the Brooklyn Nets on the Market

I wonder who will pick this up???  Yes, 20% stake of the Brooklyn Nets is on the market.  Too bad I’m broke like a joke.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Hit the jump for details…

Sports: Shaq Is Now A Minority Owner of an NBA Team!

Congratulations to Shaq!  He just bought stake into an NBA team.  I’m a surprised by his team choice (this is the same team he once called the “Queens”), but I’m also surprised that he didn’t become an owner of a team sooner.   Check out which team after the jump & let us know what you think…

NBA: First The Nets, Now Jay Z Selling His Stake In Barclays! Check Out How Much He’ll Get!

Hov is still making sports moves — and is set to get paid!  Jay Z has already sold his share in the Brooklyn Nets to Jason Kidd and now it’s time to unload his stake in the Barclays Center.  So how much will he get?!  Find out after the jump… *THERE IS AN UPDATE TO THIS STORY HERE*

NBA: Jay Z Finally Sells His Brooklyn Nets Stake — Guess Who He Sold It To?!?!

Hov has finally sold his share in the Brooklyn Nets.  We knew he had to do it, but we didn’t know when or to who — until now. Check out who he reportedly sold it to & let us know what you think…

Auto Talk: Bank of China To Take Stake in Saab

According to several reports, Saab’s Dutch owner, Swedish Automobile, and China’s Youngman have agreed that the Bank of China will come in as part owner of the ailing Swedish carmaker. Read more after the jump… Funk Flex Find Flex on Google +

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