(Video) Kris Jenner’s Alleged Stalker: “I’m Not The One Obsessed & Hacking, But My Friend Is!”

Kris Jenner has been having an eventful past few months. From receiving death threats to getting her iCloud/e-mail/Twitter hacked, this stalker woman is just getting straight up creepy. Christina Bankston is currently under investigation by the FBI for basically being an all-around Kris Jenner stalker obsessed online hacker (what a combo.) She claims that although her room in the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills was raided by the Feds, they will find no incriminating evidence there to land her behind bars. However, Christina was QUICK to name drop and reveal that her friend “Troy” is the real one who hacked into Kris’ personal stuff. Sheeeesh, what a friend. To make this story even more weird, a video hit the net of Christina on a roller coaster yelling, ” I love you, Kris!” YUP, certified S T A L K E R! Peep the video below. What a nut.

Uh-Oh! WHO Threatened To Punch Robin Roberts In The Face!!!??

I’m sure that there are a lot of people that genuinely love ABC’s Robin Roberts; from her love of sports, hosting GMA, and even her publicized fight with cancer — which she won, of course. With that being said, almost everyone aware of Robin Roberts’ alleged homeless stalker were extremely surprised. According to police reports, security called the cops after 43-year-old Troy Warren showed up outside ABC’s Times Square studios at least eight times and threatened her. More info after the jump.

(Photos) Homeless Man Arrested For Stalking Rihanna!

STALKERS NEVER PROSPER, I thought we knew this!! A homeless man was arrested for leaving Bad Gal creepy notes outside her Manhattan home. He was caught on surveillance camera 3 separate times!! Check out what the creepy notes said!!

Sanaa Lathan’s Stalker Is Convicted Of Trespassing & Ordered To Psychiactric Treatment!

A Los Angeles man known as Shawn Caples, pled guilty to criminal trespassing and was given three years probation and ordered psychiatric counseling for breaking into actress Sanaa Lathan’s home. Read more on the story below!

Whoa! A Judge Has Ordered Miley Cyrus’ Stalker To Three Years Of WHAT?!?!

Good news for Miley Cyrus. After an obsessed fan broke into her home, shortly before telling responding officers that he’d rather be shot than to live without her, a permanent restraining order has been granted by a judge. It states that for 3 years, Devon Meek — arrested on May 16th near her home — cannot be within 100 yards of Cyrus. More info after the jump.

Creep Alert! ‘Love & Basketball’ Star Sanaa Lathan Found Obsessed Stalker Sleeping In Her Home!

Well this is WILD types of creepy! “Love & Basketball” star Sanaa Lathan found her alleged stalker sound sleep in the laundry room of her home. To make matters worse, the man is running around telling everyone he’s her husband, according to law officials. The actress just got a restraining order against 28-year-old Shawn Caples after he appeared at her home numerous times despite the fact that she told him to “get the f*ck out.” Guess he doesn’t get the point.. SMH! Caples is currently locked up behind bars for stalking and is court ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from the star once he’s out of the pen. Luckily Sanaa is safe and unharmed!

Kris Jenner Hires 24-Hour Security After ‘Smelly Stalker’ Trespasses To Get Close To Kimmy Cakes!

Kris Jenner recently hired 24-hour around the clock security to watch their home after a stalker made his way onto their property. The man apparently claimed he was “Kendall Jenner’s boyfriend” and “Justin Bieber’s step-brother.” The 20-year-old, who apparently smelled like rotten garbage, was taken into custody after he was caught sneaking around their Hidden Hills home. Kris and Kim were so freaked out that they decided to hire security ASAP, costing them a few stacks per month (not like it’ll be breaking their pockets or anything.) Two unmarked vehicles are currently stationed in front of their home to make sure no more smelly stalkers can get close to the reality TV stars.

(PHOTO) Sports: Carlos Boozer & 2 Other NBA Stars Linked To Selena Gomez’s Stalker?!

This seems like a reach to me, but Carlos Boozer, Dorell Wright and Ty Lawson want fans to know they are not associated with Selena Gomez’s stalker, Che Cruz.  He was arrested wearing a shirt with a logo for “Cliq App” — a small startup company invested by the 3 ballers (photo above). Check out how Che got the shirt & what the 3 players had to say about it after the jump…

Kris Jenner Hit With Sex Tape Extortion Plot

Kris Jenner involved in a sex tape: At one point it was the truth, but on another hand, it’s false, now according to a stalker it’s 100% real, and if Kris doesn’t pay him big bucks, he’s going to reveal each and every moan. Check out the deets down bottom.

Exclusive Details: Lil Wayne Shared A Jail Cell With Ashanti’s Stalker At Rikers!

Back in 2010, Lil Wayne did an 8-month bid at Rikers Island in New York, serving time for a gun charge he’d gotten in NYC in 2007. During his time there, he was locked up with a guy by the name of Devar Hurd…who was imprisoned for STALKING ASHANTI! Here’s the deal on that: Devar, a Chicago native who was in his early 30’s at the time, met ‘Shan at a gig back in 2009, and acquired her momager’s number under the guise of ‘doing business.’ From there, he began sending her explicit texts and D pics, which he would later claim were for her daughter. Enough was enough after one too many texts, and Tina Douglas had him locked up for stalking, receiving a full 2 years. Want to know the crazy part? This guy applied for an internship with me! I know him! More info below.

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