Rihanna’s Stalker Being Tracked Down By LAPD After Making Gun Threats & Taking Selfies At Her Home!

Being that Rihanna is so extremely talented and beautiful, it’s only normal for her to have a wide array of stalkers and things of that sort. She is currently dealing with a super creepy online weirdo who goes by the name Alex Mercer and/or Ralph Alexander via his Twitter and Yahoo accounts. Back on April 30th, he took a selfie in front of Rihanna’s former home which automatically caught the attention of LAPD. Mercer (or Alexander) then recently tweeted out:

“Should of killed @rihanna a minute back I would be good right now. Sorcery is a weapon I use guns, bout to get a gun license, can’t use my hands.”

The cops got serious about the case after threats were made, using social media, phone and computer records to track down the RiRi stalker. No arrests have yet to be made but I have a feeling it’s coming any second now.

Stalker Alert! Chris Brown Comes Home To NAKED Woman In His Bed… But He Doesn’t Know Her!

It’s not out of the ordinary for celebs such as Chris Brown to bring hundreds of beautiful woman home them, but to find a random girl in your bed naked without any prior knowledge– that is a tad bit creepy. Breezy came home to his mansion in Agoura Hills, California to a woman with no clothes on in his bed and a message that read, “I LOVE YOU” spray painted on his kitchen counter. If that is not enough to thoroughly creep someone out, I don’t know what is. Luckily, Chris was with his security team when he discovered the stage 5 clinger in his home. Breezy had been in Vegas for a few days prior, so it seemed that the woman was lingering in his house for awhile because they found dirty dishes in the kitchen, as well. Not only did she mess up his kitchen, but she also spray painted “MRS. BROWN” on his silver Rolls Royce and his black Range Rover. The 21-year-old was booked with felony burglary and felony vandalism. Ummmmmmm, this isn’t even happening to me but I’M scared for his life. Sounds like a horror scene out of Fatal Attraction. I hope CB invests in a more effective security system because that is highly unsafe, especially if he’s with baby Royalty. Check out his IG post about the horror scene in the gallery.

(Photos) Rihanna May Have Another Stalker, Guy Threatens To Kill Her

Creep Life! Rihanna has had many stalkers over the years and her security has to be the tightest but there’s no way someone can get used to this. We all have our own little obsession with Rihanna but this guy is just different.

50 Cent Puts Alleged Stalker On Blast For Calling Him 100 Times A Day!

50 Cent has always been quite the ladies man but it seems like one woman is taking things too far. Fif went to Instagram where he posted a picture of a very attractive unknown woman. One would think it would be followed by a nice caption but no, he told all his fans how she is allegedly stalking him. 50 claims the calls has been a daily routine of hers reaching over 100 per day. Even after he changed his number, she just won’t go away. Being the jokester that he is, he asked where’s Trey Songz when you need him. LOL even Chris Brown got a good laugh out of it. check out the photo in the gallery!

(Video) 9 Year Old Boy Stabbed In Staten Island By A Stalker On His Way To School

A 9-year old boy Stabbed in Staten Island is recovering after he was stabbed on his way to school in Mariners Harbor on Staten Island early Friday.Police say Jermaine Williams was stabbed in the neck, arm and head while walking on Union Avenue just before 8 O’clock in the morning on Friday.

(Photos) Ashanti Faces Her Crazy Stalker In Court (As He Represents Himself)

This is honestly scary. Imagine someone sending you sexually explicit tweets all day, then following up and sending equally as bad messages to your mom?! I would want this crazy person behind bars for life, and that’s exactly what Ashanti is trying to do with her stalker. Devar Hurd, a Chicago native who was in his early 30’s at the time, met Ashanti at a gig back in 2009, and acquired her momager’s number under the guise of ‘doing business.’ From there, he began sending her explicit texts and D pics, which he would later claim were for her daughter (Ashanti.) Enough was enough after one too many texts, and Tina Douglas had him locked up for stalking, receiving a full 2 years at Rikers – where he was actually locked up with Lil Wayne. He was later released, and after doing the same thing on Twitter, they brought him right back to jail in 2013. Now the trial has officially begun, and the court is allow Devar to represent himself…and to be in the same room as the singer and even cross-examine her! That’s unfair! He’s probably getting his rocks off just on that!

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