Bobby Brown Releases Statement Requesting Privacy For Bobbi Kristina

Over the weekend, Bobbi Kristina, the daughter of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston was found by husband Nick Gordon, facedown in a bathtub (the similar state as her mother) and unresponsive. Bobbi was then rushed to an Atlanta, Georgia hospital where TMZ reports that she was “in a medically induced coma” and that her brain activity was “significantly diminished.” Bobby Brown, the 21-year-old’s father has since released a statement requesting privacy for the family. Check it out after the jump.

(*18+Photos*) Deelishis Releases Statement After Nude Photos Leaked!

Deelishis is the next to have her photos get leaked online. Once she found out, she went on Instagram and issued a statement. The model went to tell her followers that her pictures were meant for one persons eyes only. She stated that people should stop acting like they never sent a picture to their man. Deelishis also insists that the person it was for didn’t leak them and that his iCloud must of been hacked. Hmmmm what do you think? Read the full statement and see photos in the gallery…

NFL: League Releases Statement On Patriots Deflated Balls, Sounds Like It’s About To Get Serious

It sounds like the NFL is not taking “Deflate Gate” laying down and is launching a very serious investigation. We had been expecting to hear from the league today but it was starting to get late in the day and a statement seemed unlikely and then suddenly we have this. The Patriots better be prepared because it seems the league is about to do some very serious digging.

Welp, Phylicia Rashad Has Bill Cosby’s Back Against Rape Allegations

UPDATE: After releasing statements coming to the defense of her longtime friend and television husband of 12 years, Phylicia Rashad wants to clear the air. Making sure that her words don’t get mixed up this go ’round, Rashad drops by ABC News to add to the defense. “What has happened is, declaration in the media of guilt without any proof,” she explains to the news anchor. She also confirms what was NOT said in her previous interview, stating that I didn’t say forget those women, but “What I said is this is not about the women. This is about the obliteration of a legacy.” Hit the jump for the remainder of Phylicia Rashad’s interview.

(Video) Rowdy Rebel Of GS9 Releases His First Statement From Jail Over The Phone

It has been a tough past two weeks for GS9 members Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel (and everyone else in their crew who got knocked in a raid.) NYPD ran down on the the GS9 members while they were recording at Quad Studios in New York City and seized over 21 firearms, a massive amount of drugs and so on. Their bail is currently set at 2 million dollars and the cops have apparently been investigating the alleged crip members for over two years. It has been very quiet from their side due to obvious reasons but Rowdy Rebel from the crew was the first one to break the silence and release a statement via a phone call from jail. He is being accused of shooting someone and then going to perform at the Barclay Center in the same exact clothes he just committed the crime in. The girlfriend of the “Computers” rapper recorded a brief conversation with the Brooklyn native and posted it online. Check it out below. I hope Bobby releases some sort of statement, too, as well! Such a crazy situation.

Baby Mother Blues: Mathew Knowles’ BM, TaQoya Branscomb Releases A Statement Into Opportunistic Allegations

TaQoya Branscomb has been headline news as not only the former side-piece, but the baby mother to Mathew Knowles – Beyoncé’s father. Branscomb has been all types of slandered, but that hasn’t stopped her from making media appearances with child in question, Koi Knowles as well as bragging about her child support win on social media. Despite what others have said about her, the “single mother” claims that she’s not an, “opportunist.” Branscomb states that if she wanted the spotlight based off of the Knowles’ name, she would have done it four years ago, when Koi was born. Makes sense, but still…(scratches head)…you were the side jawn. Hit the jump for more.

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