Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Paying For the Funeral of Friend Who Killed His Wife & Himself

Floyd Mayweather paying for the funeral of his close friend and TMT rapper Earl Hayes.  Some people may feel he doesn’t deserve it because Hayes gunned down his wife in the bathtub and then turned the gun on himself.

Large Amounts Of Weed Recovered After Murder-Suicide In Hayes/Moseley Home

Just a few days ago, The Money Team rapper Earl Hayes shot himself and his wife, Stephanie Moseley, in their Los Angeles apartment. When the cops did a full raid of the home after the tragic murder-suicide, the police found so much marijuana in their home that “it required an armed guard” to protect the large amount of weed before it was shipped off to the police lab. LAPD are saying they found approximately ten pounds of high-grade marijuana in the home which has a street value of about $40K. Hayes shot his famous wife, who was a star on the VH1 show “Hit The Floor,” while she was in the bathtub. Reports are also suggesting that Floyd Mayweather was on FaceTime with Hayes hyping him up about divorcing his wife, saying that Moseley was having numerous flings with people in the entertainment industry including Trey Songz (who is being blamed for this whole ordeal going down.) Although Mayweather is not revealing exactly what he saw or what was said in detail, he is confirming that he witnessed the whole thing go down. Songz and Moseley reportedly had a fling two years ago and Hayes was never able to fully get over it, although he was aware and knowingly took her back. The whole situation is extremely tragic and my heart goes out to the families of these two.

TMT Rapper Murdered Wife Over An Alleged Fling With Trey Songz

TMT Rapper Murdered Wife, The world experienced a horrific loss on Monday when The Money Team rapper Earl Hayes and his wife Stephanie Moseley were both found dead due to a murder-suicide in their Beverly Hills apartment. The SWAT team came busting down their door after receiving calls from neighbors who heard loud screaming and gun shots coming from the apartment. At first there was no motive to be found in the tragic murder but according to reports, the former star of VH1’s “Hit The Floor” had a fling with R&B crooner Trey Songz when they broke up two years ago and Hayes was never able to fully get over it. Although both Hayes and Moseley reconciled and got back together after he found out about her relations with Trigga, it was something that always struck a nerve. According to a friend close to Hayes, “He was crushed and never got over it.” He also added that Hayes brought up Songz up in conversation quite frequently and was very insecure about the whole ordeal going down.

VH1 Star Found Dead In Murder-Suicide With Member Of The Money Team

Details are still emerging, but “Hit the Floor” star Stephanie Moseley and boyfriend Earl Hayes were both found dead in an upscale apartment in Los Angeles this morning as a result of an apparent murder-suicide. Aside from starring on the VH1 show, Stephanie also danced back-up for artists like Chris Brown and Britney Spears, while Earl was a part of the Money Team and worked closely with Floyd Mayweather. A gun was found at the scene, police said, and photos showed a SWAT truck and multiple fire units were at the scene as well. Residents of the complex were leaving units as late at 9 a.m., apparently under an evacuation order. No further information has been made available just yet, other than they heard a woman screaming, and sources connected to the couple say he had accused her of infidelity with a famous singer. (Drake…this BETTER NOT BE YOU!) IFWT will keep you updated. Our prayers are with their friends and family in this difficult time!

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