Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Is Not Done Talking! Goes Off On Stephen A. Smith!

Damn, I thought Floyd and Stephen A Smith were friends. Judging by the sounds of Floyd’s comments regarding Smith it damn sure doesn’t sound like too friendly of a situation. Floyd has been going off on everybody it seems this week, with his father and business partner, as well as Manny Pacquiao all subject to being put on blast by Floyd. He apparently does not like criticism from Stephen A. Hit the jump.

(Video) NFL: ESPN Anchor Stephen A. Smith Says NFL Asked Teams To Take Chance On Michael Sam

Just days after Sam was released by the Rams, he was signed to the Dallas Cowboy’s practice squad and now Smith is saying that could’ve been because the NFL urged teams to sign him. Hit the jump for details.

NBA: Was LeBron at Dwyane Wade’s Wedding?! We Now Know The Answer!

A lot of fans assumed that LeBron James didn’t make it to Dwyane Wade’s wedding because no pictures surfaced have of LeBron & his wife Savannah at the big event.  Since LeBron left Miami, there seemed to be some kind of friction between the former BFFs.  So did Bron make it to Wade’s and Gabrielle Union’s big day?!  ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith attended the wedding and he confirmed whether LeBron was there (see tweets in gallery).  We also got a couple other details of how the night went down. Check it out…

(Video) Sports: Stephen A. Smith Says He Won’t Challenge Suspension & He Hasn’t Spoken to Michelle Beadle

Stephen A. Smith got in trouble after his comments on First Take concerning domestic violence.  He said women should not “provoke” an attack and many felt he was blaming women for the domestic violence attacks that happen to them.  Since then he has clarified what he really meant and apologized three times, twice on Twitter and once on air.  Following his apology on First Take, ESPN decided to suspend him for a week, a punishment Smith thinks is deserved.

Sports: ESPN Suspends Stephen A. Smith For Domestic Violence Comments

When Stephen A. Smith apologized over the air on Monday morning, everyone believed that ESPN wouldn’t move to discipline the sports anchor. Well, apparently they’ve changed their minds.  Hit the jump for details…

Sports: Stephen A. Smith is Leaving ESPN, Sort’ve…

Stephen A. Smith is known for speaking his mind and often saying things that probably don’t bode well for a company with a heavy filter.  Well now he will have plenty of freedom.

(Video) Sports: Uh-Oh! Stephen A Smith In Hot Water With ESPN Colleagues Over Domestic Violence Comments

Stephen A Smith finds himself at odds with a colleague at the ESPN network today after his comments about domestic violence, which came after a discussion about Ravens running back Ray Rice. Michelle Beadle, who works at ESPN and usually hosts SportsNation said she if deeply offended by Stephen and “will never feel clean again” according to her. If you heard the show you know Stephen A was not trying to be offensive, he just didn’t word himself correctly. I am not defending him but it was clear the way Beadle tried to take it was not the way Stephen was trying to present it. Beadle herself said she was in an abusive relationship in the past said “I’m thinking about wearing a miniskirt this weekend…I’d hate to think what I’d be asking for by doing so @stephenasmith. #dontprovoke”. She is trying to turn it into something bigger than it is or was meant to be by Smith. She has also grandstanded in the past when the Jets signed Mike Vick she said she would no longer root for them if they like to employ people like him. Forget the fact Vick is changed person and that dog fighting issue was over six years ago. Do you guys think she has the right to take Smith’s comments to heart? Check the video.

(Videos) NBA: Aww Man, Bill Simmons Pours 40 For Mario Chalmers & Stephen A Smith Goes Off For Mario MIA

Really Bill Simmons?!  As I was watching highlights from game 3 of the NBA finals this morning I saw Bill Simmons say he’s gotta pour a 40 for Mario Chalmers. Lol, what?!  I don’t even know how to feel about that, but you can tell he shocked the crew around him.  Some fans on Twitter were pissed & others got a good laugh outta it. Simmons wasn’t the only ESPN analyst asking what happened to Chalmers, Stephen A. Smith went OFF about the kid missing in action. Check it all out…

(Video) Sports: LOL, DJ Khaled Uses “The Streets” as a Source During Argument on ‘First Take’

Our guy DJ Khaled was a guest on ESPN’s ‘First Take’ today to battle Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless.  Fans had a ball when Khaled cited “the streets” as a legitimate source when he told Skip Bayless that he believes the Spurs shut the air conditioning off on purpose before Game 1. Lmao, gotta love Khaled!  Check it out…

NBA: Stephen A. Smith Calls Andrew Bogut “Andrew Bogus” & Bogut Responds

Lol, how old are we?!  Stephen A. Smith loves to ruffles some feathers. Check out what Andrew Bogut called the outspoken ESPN personality (which fans seem to agree) after he called Andrew, “Andrew Bogus” …

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