NBA: Stephen Jackson Says He’d Be Perfect Fit With Knicks & Goes In on Derek Fisher

  As you’ve probably noticed, I did quite a few posts on Stephen Jackson.  While preparing for his NBA comeback, he’s also been pretty chatty on a few different subjects; from Tony Parker being selfish to his top five in the league now.  Though Jackson says he doesn’t plan to try out for teams and is waiting on calls, he also says he’d be a perfect fit for the Knicks.  He also went on the Knicks former coach Derek Fisher, who’s been hinting at an NBA comeback of his own.

NBA: Stephen Jackson: There’s Only 1 or 2 Two-Way Players Like Me; I’m Not Trying Out, Teams Will Call

Stephen Jackson announced his retirement a year ago.  He played his last NBA game in January 2014 and is 38-years-old.  Still that isn’t stopping him from attempting an NBA comeback and being very confident about it.  He’s so confident, he doesn’t plan to try out for any teams.  Jackson says there’s only one or two, two-way players in the league like him, who actually defend.

NBA: Stephen Jackson Blames Tony Parker For Being Selfish & Costing Spurs 2012 Playoff Loss

Stephen Jackson has never been one to hold his tongue but he’s been extra chatty lately as he prepares for an NBA comeback.  This time he’s spilling the beans on former teammate Tony Parker whom he played with on the San Antonio Spurs from 2001-03, then came back during the 2011-12 season.  They won a championship in 2003, and tried again in 2012 but fell short.  Jackson says the reason they lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Finals after being up 2-0, is because of Parker.

NBA: Stephen Jackson Names His Top 5 in the League Now & If LeBron Passed Jordan & Kobe

During an interview discussing his moves and recent talks, Stephen Jackson also gave his opinion on LeBron James’ championship win with thand who Jackson thinks are the top five players in the league now.

NBA: Stephen Jackson Rips Players in the League Choosing Money Over Winning

One of the longest running debates in sports when we discuss a player’s choices is, is he going to go for the money or try to win?  But no matter what players do we often criticize them anyways.  Carmelo Anthony was criticized for staying with the New York Knicks where he received more money instead of going to another team like the Chicago Bulls (who were good btw).  BUT Kevin Durant was also criticized for choosing the Western Conference champion Golden State Warriors instead of staying with the Oklahoma City Thunder whom he could’ve signed a substantial contract with.  Now yes there’s other semantics in these examples and it’s not as clear cut but the point still remains that players have to do what’s best for them because they’ll get criticized either way.  But anyway, Stephen Jackson did an interview with HoopsHype and ripped players for taking money over winning.

(Photo) NBA: Stephen Jackson Says Stop Killing Good Cops & Black People Kill Each Other More

A Missouri man identified as Gavin Long, ambushed and killed three police officers in Baton Rouge on Sunday.  The slain cops were Montrell Jackson, Brad Garafola and Matthew Gerald.  Former NBA player Stephen Jackson posted a message on his Instagram page honoring Gerald and condemning the killing of a “good cop.”  He also posted a message honoring Jackson (a black cop) and discussed black-on-black crime.

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