(Video) NBA: New York Times Reporter Frank Isola Shares A Great Story About A 13 Year Old Stephon Marbury

Frank Isola can be annoying as sh*t sometimes but he also doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind about the team he covers, the New York Knicks. Isola has been around the team for so long that he had a great story about Stephon Marbury, long before anyone in the country knew who he was.

(Photos) NBA: Stephon Marbury Bringing Back $15 Shoes, Says Jordan Robbing the Hood & LeBron a Follower

Back in 2006 when he was a point guard for the New York Knicks, Stephon Marbury released a signature sneaker that retailed for just $15.  It sold pretty well but drifted away along with Marbury’s career in the NBA.  Since then, Marbury has become a mega star in China winning multiple championships and even having a statue made in his honor.  Now Marbury is ready to bring his signature sneaker back and wants to keep it at the low cost of $15 unlike some other former and current NBA players.

(Photo) NBA: China Honors Stephon Marbury’s Greatness By Putting Him On A Stamp!

I hate to use the word “swag”. I always have and always will. But if I was ever going to use it this would be a good reason to because how many people do you know with their own stamp? The answer is nobody, but Brooklyn’s own, Stephon Marbury will now have his face on packages and letters shipped around the world. Marbury has become a bigger than life star in China and they are doing this as an honor to him.

NBA: Stephon Marbury Admits He Was Suicidal As NBA Career Ended & He Ate Vaseline

Everybody remembers the infamous live stream of Stephon Marbury eating vaseline.  Many people speculated that the struggling basketball star had completely lost his mind.  It turns out that a culmination of things left Marbury severely depressed and suicidal.

NBA: Stephon Marbury to Play Stephon Marbury In a Chinese Play About… Stephon Marbury

Stephon Marbury might not get the respect he deserves in the states but he’s like a god in China.  He’s brought his team, the Beijing Ducks to two championship trophies, got a statue in his honor in Beijing and now he’s getting his own play.

(Photo) NBA: Do You Remember?? NBA Posts Crazy Picture For Throwback Thursday

Don’t you hate when you see star players either hang on to their careers too long or get traded to a team they never should of played for? As a sports fan it can make you sick to see some of your once favorite players being exiled to cities nobody cares about or just looking like they should of retired years ago. The NBA twitter account yesterday posted a dope picture to remind you how many actual stars like Patrick Ewing, Hakeem Olajuwon, Dominique Wilkins & more wound up playing for teams at the end of their careers that you may of completely forgotten about. Ewing still hurts my heart to see him in any other jersey besides the Knicks. Hit the jump.

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