NBA: Steve Nash Says Stephen Curry Is the Greatest Shooter in NBA History

As regular-season and postseason three-point records fall and Stephen Curry continues to far outpace the likes of Ray Allen and Reggie Miller, the argument begins to grow that Curry isn’t just the greatest shooter of his generation, he may be the greatest shooter in the history of basketball.

NBA: Dirk Nowitzki Says Steve Nash Overcame A Lot in His Career, Being ‘Slow, White & Unathletic’

Steve Nash finally announced his retirement from the NBA.  Although his last couple of years were marred by injury, we can’t forget that Nash was the best point guard in the league for quite some time.  For that, many players around the league have celebrated Nash and sang his praises after the announcement of his retirement.

NBA Report: Cavaliers Offered to Add Steve Nash If He Agreed to Buyout From the Lakers

Steve Nash desperately wanted to continue playing basketball but his body repeatedly failed him with each comeback attempt.  He finally threw in the towel and announced his retirement on Saturday.  After many years with the Phoenix Suns he went to the Los Angeles Lakers to try and win a title with Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard but that resulted in an utter failure.  Now it turns out Nash had one more opportunity to possibly secure a championship ring.

NBA: Steve Nash Officially Announces Retirement From The NBA

Steve Nash announced his retirement from the NBA today in an unusual way. Rather than a big press conference or trying to get back on the court for a farewell tour, Nash chose to write about his own retirement, via Derek Jeter’s website “The Players Tribune”. Nash with the Lakers never really worked out due to constant injuries, but nobody should forget how amazing of a player Nash was in his prime and the MVP trophies he has to back it up. He never won a title but his career is destined to end up in the Hall of Fame without question.

(Photo) NBA: Steve Nash Participates In ‘Millions March LA’ Protest

Despite not currently playing with the Lakers after suffering back injury, Steve Nash is spending his free time being a ‘good samaritan.’ The Lakers’ point guard participated in the ‘Millions March LA,’ which “took place on Saturday as a protest against the recent deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of police officers.” Nash can now join the likes of Derrick Rose, NFL team St. Louis Rams, & LeBron James, just to name a few, who’ve expressed their views on the recent social justice issues. Pictures and more below!

NBA: Jeanie Buss Says Lakers Chose to Build Around Steve Nash Not Dwight Howard

The Los Angeles Lakers infamous coaching decision is still one that has people scratching their heads.  Rather than re-hiring legendary coach Phil Jackson, they decided to go with Mike D’Antoni.  Jim Buss has long maintained that it was a decision made by his father Jerry Buss from his hospital bed.  Jerry reportedly wanted a return to the uptempo Showtime Lakers and Jim wanted to make his first big decision for the team.  It might have been more than that though, according to Jeanie Buss the Lakers chose to build around Steve Nash not Dwight Howard.

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