Police Will Now Be Required To Issue Receipts For Stop And Frisks

A brand new report filed by NYPD’s federal monitor has made adjustments and recommendations that would now require officers to have “reasonable suspicion” before preforming a ‘stop and frisk’ procedure. Officers would be required to fill out a form with an explanation for the stop. Under this recommendation, officers would have to give the “tear-off information card” to anyone stopped and not arrested, which includes their name, rank, command and shield number. Read more below.

Score One For The People!! Supreme Court Shuts Down Cops From Just Grabbing Your Phone!!!

The US Supreme Court has sided with the people vs. law enforcement! Now should you get stopped or pulled over, a cop can NOT just ask or grab your phone, they have to have a warrant. They used 2 cases, Riley v. California and U.S. v. Wurie to make there decision, and these are BS cases, gangs and drugs.

(Photos) NYC Has The Largest Gun Bust In City History!!

It’s real life, but you would think that this was a TV show the way it played out. During an undercover investigation by the NYPD, one lone officer was responsible for the take down of 19 gun smugglers. Ironically, in light of the stop-and-frisk controversies, Mayor Bloomberg credited the laws for taking 8,000 guns off of the streets. Hit the jump for the full scoop.

Uh Oh: Stop-And-Frisk Ruling Is Going To Be Appealed By Who??

So Mayor Bloomberg and his team are not giving up on this stop and frisk law by any means its looking like. The Mayor has already put in motion the appeal of the ruling that was given a few weeks back that ruled against the law because it singled out minorities. The City of Law filled an appeal early Friday Morning in the U.S. District court in Manhattan. check out what city officials are saying about this appeal process.

Stop-and-Frisk Ruled Unconstitutional in New York City

Federal judge Shira Scheindlin laid the verdict that many New Yorkers found as a warm welcome to the controversial stop-and-frisk law. She found that officers had overstepped their authority in regards to stopping people in the street, and found it violated the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unreasonable searches and seizures. Now the judge has appointed a special lawyer to monitor the abuses by the NYPD. Do you think it will change how people are stopped? Find out all the details after the jump.

WTF….NYPD Goes After Other Cops?!

Apparently, an ex-cop from the NYPD is catching flack for recording his superior in regards to stop-and-frisk quotas; quotas that the police deny are true. After being reprimanded, and eventually fired for not hitting his numbers, Clifford Riguad played recordings of his bosses pressuring him to fulfill their goals. Check out more after the jump…

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