Kicks: Story On Teen Sneakerheads That Are Young and Gettin Cash, Fast

In this Era of Hype Beast, the young generation are heavily involved in the sneaker culture and are making a profit. NYMag did a story the young teens on how they plan to resell their sneakers and more after the jump…

“Hip-Hop Lightning” Strikes A NY Man Twice In One Week: Jay-Z Borrows His Menorah AND Visits His Crib For A Separate Reason

This is absolutely the coolest story I’ve read in some time! Not only because of the chain of events that took place, but the story teller, Brooklynite Amit Wehle, has some HILARIOUS commentary. Amit currently resides at Jay-Z’s old “stash spot” at 560 State Street…an address Hov had popularized in his “Empire State Of Mind” collab with Alicia Keys. As if that’s not cool enough as it is, both the address and his Jewish heritage helped him to have two separate “moments” with Jay during the week of his Barclays Center shows! And the two were totally unrelated, just pure coincidence! Below, read the tale of how Jay-Z ended up borrowing Amit’s menorah, which scored him VIP Barclays tix..and then how days later, he got an email from Jay asking if he could come visit! Not knowing it was his menorah connect! Marisa Mendez

Teacher’s Topless Photos Circulate Among Her Students!

A teacher at the Harrow School in England was contemplating suicide after some topless photos of her were circulating among her students and then ended up on a newspaper.  She was a former model, but never wanted this to happen to her.  She now tells her side of story after some time about the pics and how easily a lost memory stick and the internet ruined her career. Hit the jump. Steph Bassanini

Auto Talk: The True Story Of How A Ferrari Ended Up Buried In Someone’s Yard

Photos (above) from February 1978 show a Dino 246 GT being unearthed from the front yard of a home in Los Angeles. How did it get there in the first place & where is it now? Find out after the jump!! Funk Flex Find Flex on Google +

Sean Kingston’s Female Passenger Identified, Tells Story of What Happened and Update on Sean

Cassie Sanchez, a video model better known as @CassiieMeLinda on Twitter, was Sean Kingston’s “unidentified female passenger” when the singer crashed into a bridge in a jet ski accident this past Sunday evening. Cassie was treated the same night of the incident and released, and now is telling some details as to what happened. Hit the jump to hear what she had to say. @MarisaMendez

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