Fashion: “Tabloid Tee” by Sergio Scott for Nineteenth Letter Chicago

Designer Sergio Scott for Nineteenth Letter Chicago has been putting in that work and he has just released the very popular “Tabloid Tee” that everybody and they momma would like to get their hands on. The tee features a collage of various tabloid paparazzi covers. Designer Sergio Scott wanted to design something that would capture the attention of whoever looked at it. From the looks of it, that mission is complete. He wanted to illustrate the power of the word and the destructive power of exaggerated gossip.

Fashion: Ruff Diamonds NYC Original Black Tee – Avaliable for Pre-Order

Ruff Diamonds NYC is on the merge of a re-stock at the moment and with their vibrant Ruff Diamonds tee on the re-stock I had to make sure the people knew about one of the hottest tees on the market at the moment.The Ruff Diamonds NYC Original Black Tee is featured with the words Ruff Diamond New York City with a diamond sitting in the middle. The tee caught my eye and I’m sure it will catch many of you all’s as well. The design also comes in a crewneck in two different colorways of navy and black with black being the most popular.

IFWT Exclusive: Joey Fatts Talks Cutthroat Gear x His Fashion Influences & More

Check out this exclusive interview here!

Fashion: Son Of Sam Designs “GoHard” Tee – Restocked

Son Of Sam Designs “GoHard” tee is now re-stocked and ready for your purchase. If you would like to purchase a shirt you can from the brand’s official website. The tee is by far and appealing one and a catch for all the people going hard at what they do, this shirt is for you. The shirt is set at a price of $42. Red, Black & Navy are the only colors left in the tee at the moment. To stay more in tune with the brand follow their instagram. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the “GoHard” tee.

Hatwear: Medusa Leather SnapBack by Lavish NYC

Medusa head on me like i’m illuminati, Drake said that. Lavish NYC will be releasing their “Medusa inspired SnapBack that is being produced by Starter Athletics. The snapback will be dropping pretty soon coming in a exotic leather quality with a Medusa symbol on the front of the hat with a red under brim. The hat is most definitely a banger and will have you fit for the winter as seen with by MMG’s own platnium producer Gold hands. Lavish NYC apparel has been seen in the Source magazine, MTV & VHI. They also have a lavish NYC leather strapback that is on sale at the moment from the brand’s official website at a set price of $40.

Fashion: F.I.L. Indigo Camping Trailer Insulator Vest – Available Now

F.I.L. Indigo Camping Trailer Insulator Vest oh my this has to come in different colorways, right? I know that’s what you are thinking while checking out this tough and stylish vest from F.I.L. Indigo Camping Trailer. They have given us a piece from their Fall/Winter 2013 collection and I must say this piece is slamming. The insulated vest comes with features as bandana patchwork exterior with with beige lining and button closure. The bandana print has been used heavily this year and not everyone has conquered the print.

Fashion: Righteous Lords “Padre Nuestro” Tee – Available Sept. 25

Righteous Lords will be releasing their ”Padre Nuestro” tee. The tee will be featured in either black or white and will release on Sept 25. Don’t miss out on these exclusive tees as you will get the first look at them. The tee features ’Padre Nuestro” on the front and on the back you have “Lords” on the top and beneath a number 19 is placed. On each sleeve you have stars.

Fashion: Champion X Supreme – Zip up Jacket & Pullover Hoody

Supreme collaborates with Champion to produce the Zip up Jacket & Pullover Hoody. Both feature a huge champion “C” logo on the front chest with a very intriguing paisley print used as the inner lining. The jacket also has “Supreme” written on the back in a screen printed varsity font.

Fashion: Noir Menace “Menace Tee ‘ 6″ – Available Now

Noir Menace a brand from out of Houston Texas known as the land of the Trill. Noir Menace is on the rise preparing the youth for a cruel winter just gave the summer a taste of what to look forward too. The Menace Tee ‘ 6 is the catch with a comfortable feel and flashy design the shirt is available at Noir Menace’s official website at this very moment.

Fashion: Dipset – “Harlem World” Football Jersey – Now Available

After the huge success of the Dipset sock collection they are turning to capitalize with the first release from the clothing angle of things other than accessories. They will be releasing the Dipset Harlem World jersey. The jersey looks like it will most likely be a hit featuring the word “Killa” on the back with the number 97 as the featured number on the jersey.

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