Fashion: Dom Kennedy Album Dropping Soon Get Ready With The Westside Tee’s

Dom Kennedy most definitely has the style just as well as the look coming from out of L.A. He brings a different feel to the game and his style changes like the weather but always smooth. He is super low key and very talented and will be dropping his official album on October 1st. A laid back dude with a crazy fan base and by far one of the best coming out of L.A. If your looking to support the homie Dom in support of his new album that will be dropping very soon we have these Westside connection Tee’s that give you that “Get Home Safely” feel. You can hop on a few of his old mixtapes and take a listen to how the guy rhymes or you can cop one of these shirts from his official shop here. Shirts go for $28 and long sleeve shirts $28. Can’t wait till the album drops but the shirt will hold me over until then. Shop for the shirts here. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the collection. Instagram:Dopeitsdom Website:DopeItsdom Blog:Dopeitsdom Twitter:Dopeitsdom Written by Ajrashed

Fashion: G.O.A.T. Starter Shorts Now Avaliable

G.O.A.T brand based from out of Miami, FL ran by some young entrepreneurs by the names of Rick Rugel (27) & Miguel Taveras (27). They have been receiving some attention with their crazy dope shorts and mean Tee’s. The starter shorts are by far one of the toughest that have came out this year and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on your pair. The shorts have been seen on a few different people like Senor Yamborghini a close partner of the A$AP Mob. They feature a cool design on each angle of the shorts that help them stand out among the crowd. Basketball Premium Fashion Shorts made from polyester. Very casual and loose to your body. If you are interested in purchasing you may from the brand’s official website here. I know that you need these in your closet so don’t hesitate, purchase the shorts now. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the shorts. Instagram: G.O.A.T Website: G.O.A.T

Fashion: Mean! Check Out The New Nomad x Been Trill “CANADA” T-Shirt

The Nomad x Been Trill “Canada T-Shirt” is here and oh man doesn’t it have Drizzy Drake’s name written all over it. This is the limited edition Nomad x Been Trill “Toronto” tee. The tee was designed in honor of Been Trill’s appearance that took place last night at the Hoxton. the shirt features a hockey jersey which is inspired by aesthetic and sports bold “CANADA” branding across the torso – flanked by apropos maple leaf and hashtag silhouettes – Been Trill’s graffiti-esque logo on the back near the hem and a Nomad hits to the sleeves. The T-shirt comes in different colorways in black/red, white/red, black/white, and white/black colorways if you are interested in purchasing the shirt you may from the online store. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the jump.

IFWT Exclusive: Chuck Inglish Talks Fashion, His Top 5 Sneakers — Of All Time & More

I got a chance to sit and chat with Chuck Inglish, former member of “The Cool Kids” now a solo artist. We talked fashion, sneakers and much more. With him being a rapper I will take a turn and discuss some different topics instead of music. To learn some different facts about the Michigan bred, check out this exclusive interview here. Q: You’re known for your style and your music, Define Your Style? A: The freshest. My style is more for personal expression than anything else, so I take it a little bit more serious. But, I do wake up thinking about the freshest things I can do. Q: What are your favorite Brands at the moment? A: Starter, DURKL, HUF, Nike, Champion, Karl Kani. Q: What are your Top 5 sneakers — Of All-Time? A: Air Force 180 Hi, Air Force 2s, Air Force 1 Hi, Carolina Jordan 11s, Grant Hill 1s. Q: Who are your Top 5 — dressers in the game right now? A: Me…for all 5 of them bitches. Q: Who is your favorite Sports team? A: The University of Michigan Wolverines Football team. It’s them over everything. This wraps up my interview with Chuck! Thanks for your time!! Instagram:OldInglish Twitter:@ChuckisDope Tumblr: Oldinglish Interviewed by Ajrashed

Fashion: TheIVXX “Diploma Tee”

TheIVXX is brand ran by Lauren Anthony (23) from Cincinnati, Ohio. Today, I will be presenting his “Diploma Tee”, when asked where did the inspiration come from behind the tee Lauren say’s “from being in college and realizing that higher education isn’t about education at all. It’s solely a business. They want you to pay all this ridiculous money for a piece of paper that doesn’t guarantee you anything in life besides debt. They also tell you that you need a diploma to do anything in life and to succeed. Well, I disagree with that mindset because I’ve learned more, had great experiences and met some awesome people since being out of school. I know people that have led great lives and doing great things without a college diploma more than I know people who have one. I’m learning through theIVXX. TheIVXX is my diploma” he says. The brand has been up and running since 2010, started walking in fall 2012. Lauren say’s he see’s it as his child. First t-shirt came out in 2010 but didn’t really focus on it until 2012. The inspiration behind the brand name “people figure out the number and think “weed brand” which I knew would happen, but it’s the fact that when they see its not a weed brand that it blows their mind. I got the name from a movie (The Roaring Twenties) which is about a group of friends building an empire out of nothing during the prohibition era. The original name of…

Fashion: Presenting “G3NIUS Find Yours” Tee

G3NIUS is brand ran by Michael J. Smith 20 year old from North Carolina. The meaning behind the G3NIUS brand is something that truly resonates with the owner and those in his circle. The concept shines brightly through his first release , the “G3NIUS find yours” tee , which was inspired mostly by Jay-Z and a particular motivation speech he gave at one of his concerts. When Micheal first heard it he felt the concep and it came to him instantly. The message meant everyone has Genius level talent and that you have to find that talent and work at it to the best of your ability to become great. In life everyone is better than some one else in one particular thing , field or expertise. Whether it be a sport , singing , rapping or something as simple as English or math. Everyone has their own Genius level talent , everyone must find out what that talent may be. Once you find your G3NIUS and commit to it..”you can do some amazing things”. Future products from the brand will reflect on icons throughout history who found their Genius level talent and affected their area of expertise in a special way. Michael wants to pay homage to the greats before us and motivate the youth in a new dope way. It’s about staying true to yourself and believing in yourself and your dreams and making them happen regardless of how many haters or doubters you have. The tee is by far a…

Fashion: Presenting God Gift New York “Basic Tee”

God’s Gift New York is a brand ran by Matthew Valdez (16) from New York, he came with a great concept to start up his brand which he started around January of this year. The brand is God’s gift New York, today I will be presenting his Basic Tee which is simple yet very stylish with a great meaning behind it. The definition behind Gods Gift, represents the owners name, Matthew, which means gift of God in Hebrew, so he created Gods Gift New York. Being from New York, he decided to incorporate it in his logo.

Fashion: Stussy x A Bathing Ape 2013 Fall/Winter Preview

Just in time for the winter. Stussy and Bape introduce there highly anticipated fall/winter collection and from the looks we should expect a banging collection. As you see on the main photo they have a thick leather-sleeved varsity jacket which is among one of the pieces we should be awaiting. The collection is most definitely an eye-catching one, and going to make this Fall/Winter worth it. The Tee’s are featured with iconic designs and logos that belong to both companies. Not to mention that the collection will have Selvedge denim, caps, a bandanna and sleek shades to come along with what shall be an amazing turn out. I hope your ready for a very cruel winter, the collection will be available at both Stussy and A Bathing Ape retail stores when released. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the collection. Source

Fashion: The Spvcebound “Noir” Tee

Spvcebound is a brand ran by Wedieu Cole (16) aka Spvcebound from Somerset , NJ (Franklin Township). Today, I will be presenting the newest release the “Noir” tee that I found very appealing and stylish. The brand started in Mid – 2013 (May-June) and since then has had some good success thus far. The Noir tee is a reflection of of the owner being that “NOIR” is french for darkness /the color black. Wedieu find’s himself to have a street goth or dark style . He took french which is initially hated and to him just explains a very creative point in his life. The tee is in all black and reads “Noir” in white on the front. In the back their is +SPVCEBOUND+ with a 96 under. If you are interested in purchasing you may from the brand’s official website. The tee is a limited release so you may want to purchase it now while you have a chance. If you would like to stay more in tune with upcoming releases from the brand follow them on instagram. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the “Noir” tee.

Fashion: Presenting Urbannatured “Glory” Tee

Urbannatured is a brand ran by Founder Jerlyn Cespedes, Jhonny Cespedes and Steven Gonzalez Marin all from Hartford, CT. Today, I will be presenting the very flashy and stylish “Glory” tee. The tee is featured in all black with Glory in white and then “MMXI’ on the back. The tee is so futuristic and I’m sure you all would fall in love with it. Glory is the final stage of the rebellion. It is prevailing and soaking in triumph after standing up and fighting for what you believe in. A rebellion which began in 2011 (MXXI), also when the brand was established. Glory is the conclusion to the #Trouble2013 collection. The collection represents a revolutionary uprising. In sequence each shirt, part of this collection represents an idea. It commences with the Dead Jersey. Price of the tee is set at $36. Made with high quality 100% polyester breathable fabric. Comfortable fit. This T-Shirt features the letters MMXI printed in the front, and GLORY printed on the back, with a curved bottom hem on each side. This product also includes a woven tag sewn on the bottom right; designed with our logo and City Raised Group abbreviated. The shirt is most definitely a hit so I’m sure you would want to purchase before the tee is gone. To purchase visit their official website. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the tee. Instagram: Urbannatured

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