(Photo) Birth Control Causes Near Death For 26 Year Old Woman

Birth control is not preventing pregnancy anymore, it’s causing strokes!

(Video) Teen Is Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison For Beating His Teacher!

Kevin Straub, a 15-year-old from Missouri is convicted of 10 years in prison for beating his 42-year-old teacher at Innovative Concept Academy in St. Louis. The teacher was beaten so bad that he had suffered a stoke from the beatdown. Check out the video and read more on the story after the jump!

NHL: Sooo Sad, Hockey Great Gordie Howe Is Critical After Severe Stroke!

Oh NO! Hockey Legend Gordie Howe suffered a serious stroke this past Sunday morning. As result of the stroke, Howe has lost some function to the right side of his body and is now having difficulty speaking. He is currently recovering at his daughter’s home in Lubbock, TX. Hit the jump for further info on this tragic story!

(Video) ALERT: Let’s Stop Kids From Doing This Dangerous Game ‘Pass Out Challenge’

This Non-sense seems to be all the rage on FB, kids are doing this at serious risk to their health! By bending over taking shallow breath’s to slow the heart down, then quickly leaning up, holding there breath, proceeding to let someone push in on their chest up against the heart to try and make it stop so they pass out….seizures, potential for a heart attack, even stroke with the loss of oxygen to the brain….ridiculous!

Tina Turner Denies Stroke Rumors

These hoaxs are becoming a tab bit extreme. I can tell you, this one had me weak in the knees. Thankfully, it turned out to be false. Dutch and German publications stated that the lady with the legs, better known as Tina Turner had endured a stroke, but was recovering. Tina’s people cleared up that unhealthy spread ASAP. Hit the jump for the details.

(Photo) Charlie Sheen Really Didn’t Marry Porn Star Girlfriend, But He Did Get Tatted!

So, when I heard the news of Charlie Sheen’s recent nuptials, I was immediately stunned. I’m mean, this is Charlie Sheen we’re talking about. Self proclaimed playboy, and yes, he built a family with Denise Richards, but come on – IT’S CHARLIE SHEEN. As suspected, the weekend marriage was not…Charlie Sheen admitted to TMZ that he had not jumped the broom, but in fact, sent that rumor out to hurt the ex. “I wanted to give Denise [Richards] a stroke!!!,” Charlie says. TSK TSK! Although completely smitten with his new porn star lover, Brett, Charlie didn’t get married, but her did symbolize his love with a permanent gesture – TATTOO. The pin holds together the lock [also symbolizing his love for his children, Max, Lola, Bob, Cassandra, Sam, and Denise’s adopted daughter Eloise]. LOVE! Check out the ink after the jump.

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