Actor Tim Curry Recovering After Suffering A Stroke

67-year-old actor Tim Curry is recovering after he suffered a stroke last night. Curry was in his Hollywood Hills home when he had the stroke. He was taken to a nearby hospital and is said to be doing well and expected to make a full recovery. A rep for the actor known for his roles in Clue, Congo, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show spoke out on his behalf. Read what she said below.

Pastor Claims He Found Cure To Homosexuality

According to Raymond Bell a pastor at the Cowboy Church of Virginia believes there is a cure to homosexuality.  Of course he is treating the lifestyle like an addiction or flaw instead of genetics and/or lifestyle choice.  He suggests that a certain type of therapy named Equine Assisted Therapy will “cure” homosexuals.  Yet, the therapy itself is strange, it involves stroking horses.  The stroking of the horses is supposed to make the man feel more “masculine”.  Do you think this is a valid theory? -_- Steph B

Poor Frankie Muniz Suffers A Mini-Stroke

The blue-eyed, “Malcolm in the Middle” charcater, had a mini-stroke. Frankie Muniz was sent to an emergency room in Arizona, because friends of his noticed that he started talking funny and not understanding words. The doctors doesn’t know the cause of the mini-stroke. It probably was stress. I wanted to do this post, because he is only 26, and too many of these young cats thinks it’s a game. We all need to get regular check-ups on EVERYTHING! Stay healthy all. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

Joe Jackson Suffers A Stroke

Oh no! Joe Jackson is currently in the hospital after suffering a stroke. We hope he’s okay! Click below for details. Melissa

Mike Ditka Hospitalized After Stroke

Mike Ditka was hospitalized for what doctors described as a minor stroke. Though Coach Ditka hasn’t had many health issues recently he suffered from a heart attack in 1988 while he was still the head coach of the Chicago Bears. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

Hotel In Cuba Claiming Fidel Castro Is In Good Health & Didn’t Suffer A Stroke

News spread like wildfire on Friday that Fidel Castro suffered from a massive stroke and was on his death bed. Reports said that Castro was doing so badly that he only had weeks to live, couldn’t speak or eat, and had a hard time recognizing anyone. Now Havana’s Hotel Nacional issued a statement saying that the 86-year-old former dictator is alive, well, and made a public appearance there on Saturday afternoon. There are no pictures or other proof other than the statement made by the hotel that he is alive and when Cuban officials were asked about it, they directed the questions to the hotel. It seems to me that Cuban officials and the hotel are just attempting to keep the truth about Fidel’s health a secret so they don’t seem week, which has happened in the past in other dictator run countries. Read more below. Julie A.

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