(Photos) New Twitter Feature Might Be The Most Important One Yet?!

Twitter ever updating and giving you the tools for important analytics that make you aware of your actual reach out there…ie Ellen’s recent record for most RT’s. Well this new feature that some user’s are already experiencing could be….well I said it, the most important yet!!

NFL: Rex Ryan Thinks It’s “Crazy” How Strong Tim Tebow Is

Sabrina B. Jets coach Rex Ryan was asked about Tebow’s intangibles after Thursday’s Organized Team Activity, and Ryan responded by talking about Tebow’s feats of strength.

Can You Tell What This Is Made Out Of???

I bet you won’t guess right, Take the Poll 1st then hit the Jump for the Right Answer. @TatWza What is This Made Out Of?? Plastic Paper Wood Metal Web Polls

Future For Mobile Diplays???

This is Flexible Transparent AMOLED Displays, much like the Screen on The Galaxy Phones and Tablets, is super tough…Did I mention its Flexible! Imagine A Flexible Multi-touch Display Attached to anything, including walls, desks, Clothing, Ceilings, I Mean Where Ever! Once Microsoft Surface gets a hold of this….That is the Future. @TatWza

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