Burglar Tries To Go Down Chimney; Homeowner Lights It Up

Bad Santa…tsk tsk. A burglar tried to rob a home and as fate would have it, got stuck, and the homeowner lit up the fireplace. Dam, hit the jump for the full story.

(Video) Chris Brown Still Stuck In The Philippines, Calls On Obama For Help

Yesterday, #IFWT reported that Chris Brown was stuck in the Philippines over a dispute between the singer and party promoters for an incident that happened last year. Brown’s legal team then reported that the issue was sorted out and Brown was leaving Manila on a flight to make his show in Hong Kong. Well, now it’s clear that Brown’s legal team was dead wrong because he’s still in Manila begging for someone to help him out. Read more below.

Chris Brown Stuck In The Philippines Over Concert Dispute

Things just seem to be getting more and more complicated for Chris Brown. The more he tries to get it together the more messy his situation gets. After being a victim of a home invasion organized by his so-called friends, CB went overseas for a number of performances. To add on to the drama that seems to follow the singer around, Chris Brown is currently stuck in the Philippines and banned from leaving by the government. Read more below.

(Photos) Coney Island Roller Coaster Gets Stuck & Leaves Passengers Stranded!

The landmark Cyclone roller coaster at Coney Island got stuck during the first run of the 2015 summer season. Many passengers were left stranded on top of the ride. Check out the photos of the passengers on the stuck roller coaster and read more on the story below!

(Caught On Tape) Fellow Passengers Join To Help A Man Free His Leg From A Train!!

With all of the ills of the world being pushed on the news, it’s nice to know that good people still exist. This video took place in Perth (Australia) where one man managed to get his leg caught in the gap between the train and platform. As fellow passengers notice, they — instead of pulling out cameras to post online — all joined together to help tilt the train enough for the man to free himself. Check it out after the jump.

This Can’t Be Real Life: Woman Finds Lost Sex Toy In Her Vag After How Many YEARS?!

Yes, yes, indeed this is a factual story. In actuality, the story has already made its way to the ‘Journal Of Sexual Medicine’, where it outlines how a Scottish woman took herself the hospital for symptoms of tiredness and weight loss, only to discover she unknowingly had a sex toy stuck up there?! Yikes. Get details inside!

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