(Video) Birdman – Stunna

Birdman is back talking that boss talk! For the past few weeks he’s been making sure people put some respeck on his name. Check out the music video for his latest song “Stunna” after the jump!

(Photos) Boxing: Birdman Stunna Collects His Winnings After Betting $1 Million On Mayweather!

We told you earlier Birdman wasn’t playing and dropped $1 million on Floyd to beat Manny Pacquiao. Well as the world now knows, Floyd did indeed pull off the victory in convincing fashion which means there are a lot of happy bettors who bet on Money! One of those happy people is none other than Birdman, who just got richer. He may not have gotten as rich as Floyd did tonight, but racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars while you sit and enjoy a historical fight is a nice way to live. Check the gallery as Birdman comes to collect!

(Photos) Boxing: Birdman Is Living That “StunnaLife”, Drops $1 Million On Mayweather To Beat Pacquiao

A fight of this historical proportion is going to bring everyone out to Vegas! Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are bringing in money that even to Vegas experts is extreme. The bets are flowing in fast and heavy, with Pacquiao getting more action than anyone expected. 50 Cent already said he dropped $1.6 million on Floyd and now another heavyweight in the hip hop game is dropping serious money as well. Birdman shared a picture of the $1 million cash he is putting on Floyd. Since the odds are in such favor for Floyd, that million will only get Stunna roughly $500,000, but considering it would be money for doing nothing, it is a win. Check the gallery!

(Video) Rich Gang Stops By Funk Flex; Birdman Speaks On The Drake/Tyga Situation

As I was airing this conversation, it was pretty clear to me how Baby feels about this, he’s not feeling it. When asked, while respecting all parties, but he said “it’s about family”, and “you either with us or you against us”.

Cash Money/Young Money Partner With Funk Flex In The Digital Space!!!

This is an exciting announcement! The Kingpin Funk Flex has teamed up with the #1 Stunna in the digital space to create a true representation of YMCMB on the web and in your device with StunnaLife.com and the StunnaLife App!!

Like A Boss! Birdman Sells An Extra Condo For How Much?!

I mean it really ain’t nothing for the likes of the #1 Stunna! Feels like he’s gonna have another new whip to pull up in his $14M mansion’s driveway.

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