(Video) LOL! Frenchman Impersonates Pilot On US Airways?!?

Did this guy really think his plan was foolproof? A Frenchman boarded a flight in Philadelphia and when he asked if he could ride in the cockpit, a flight attendant allowed him to. He then got in the pilot’s seat, but when the pilot showed up he claimed he was a pilot! The pilot asked for his ID and couldn’t even produce it. Seriously though? He was obviously arrested and I guess his ‘Catch Me If You Can’ fantasy is laid to rest. Check out the story after the jump.

Man Sh*ts His Pants While Being Arrested For Punching A Cop

A Florida man literally sh*t himself while he was being arrested for punching a police officer. William Liddell was approached by police officers after they watched Liddell hit another car with his own, he put his vehicle into reveres and punched a cop in the face while trying to get away. Liddell was arrested after police called for back-up to help them control the situation. Read more below. Funk Flex

Man Gets Stuck In Store Garage After Robbing It

Manuel Fernandes attempted to rob a Rent-A-Center store and was stuck in a garage door for nine hours! The man was trying to shimmy underneath the garage door that was being held up by a bedpost that gave out on him. The man, who is homeless, is lucky to be alive. Read more below. Julie1205

Woman Throws Purse With $2,000 In It At People Who Throw A Milkshake At Her

A woman had a milkshake thrown at her by some thugs and instead of just driving away or cursing them out, she decided it would be a good idea to throw her expensive purse at the thugs. Unfortunately for her she must have really terrible aim because the purse landed in an open window of the milkshaker thrower’s car and they sped away with it. Her bag contained personal items and $2,000 and police are searching for the bag to return in. Why would she think throwing her bag with money and personal items in it would be a good idea?! Read more below. Julie1205

Man Breaks Into Hotel Room To Do What?!

A man broke into a hotel room in a Virgina hotel to do one specific thing that wasn’t perverted or harmful to anyone. In fact, the room that he broke into was empty which was the tip off the the staff that he was there. Find out what he did below. Julie1205

Girlfriend Arrested For Sticking Herself In A Suitcase To See Her Boyfriend

A 50-year-old woman was arrested after she shoved herself in a suitcase and smuggled herself into her boyfriend’s apartment building in which she has been banned from. The woman was banned from her man’s building after she purposely pulled a fire alarm. Sadly for her, someone thought she was being kidnapped and tipped off police. Read more below. Julie1205

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