Spotify Has Reached 30 Million Subscribers

In just nine short months, popular streaming service Spotify has reached another major milestone. In a tweet today, in honor of President Obama’s historic visit to Cuba, Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek tweeted,

“We have 30 million Spotify subscribers, but none of them are in Cuba … yet. So cool to see Cuba opening up!”

Cuba currently lacks widespread internet access which is probably one of the major reasons the streaming service isn’t seeing any subscribers from the country however, more importantly, Ek gave away a major detail in his fun fact. Spotify has gained more than 10 million subscribers in the past nine months – which is huge – pushing the streaming service way into the lead of it’s struggling competitor, TIDAL which currently is only home to 10 million subscribers. Congrats, Spotify! What is your favorite streaming service? Sound off below, then click the gallery for more.

(Video) Youtube Says NO To All Those Fake Accounts!!

I get emails all the time saying ‘get these 1000+ views or subscribers’, well that’s because those people are running fake subscription farms, well Yotube doesn’t like it and wants your page to ‘mean something’!

*Update* Here’s Where The Apple/Beats Deal Is At….Done Deal, Here’s The Facts!!

We’re hearing that the official announcement could very well be this week, as Jimmy and Dre may be on the stage for WWDC, BUT instead of $3.2B, it may be only $3B, and the loss of $200M could be coming from Dre ‘freaking Apple out’, and Apple looking into the actual subscription base of Beats Music app, which is lower than expected(at least what Apple expected).

Tech Talk Money: Sprint’s iPhone 4S Numbers Are In!!!

It was definitely a time over at Sprint the last few Months, now I didn’t say a good time, cause it’s a mixed bag, apparently there are quite a few costs that comes with launching an iPhone, they took a 1.3 Billion Dollar Net LOSS…WHOA, but after the Jump you can see the upside to all of this. +TatWZA

Tech Talk Marketing: Jay-Z Was Used By NY Times?!?!?!!

I was On the A Train and saw some marketing(you know overhead) and it was for the Digital version of the NY Times, and they used Hov in the marketing, and I wondered if he knows, or even got paid for it? Or can they just use him all willy nilly because they’ve posted stories on him?? Tell me what you think??? @TatWZA

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