Brother And Sister Sue Their Mother For $50,000 After She Bought The ‘Wrong’ Birthday Card and Refused Them Toys

Kimberly Garrity, who raised Steven II, now 23, and Kathryn, now 20, in a $1.5million home in Illinois, was sued by her own children. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. @WiL

Christian Louboutin sues rival Yves Saint Laurent for copying signature red sole!

Designers copy and feed off their peers all the time. That’s the beauty of fashion. Making something that’s fashionably in – yet distinct from your competition. But something as well known as the signature red sole featured on all Christian Louboutin soles is something that just should not be imitated. Christian Louboutin is now suing rival Yves Saint Laurent, saying the French fashion house is unfairly copying its trademark red paint job in its own line of women’s shoes. YSL has some of the best platform shaped shoes on the market, they don’t need a red sole to stand out. Read all the details and tell us what you think after the jump! @iBLONDEgenius

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