Rick Ross Sues LMFAO Again For Copyright Infringement

RickRossVEVO Looks like 2017 is the year Rozay is going to settle the scores and finish unfinished business. He’s starting with LMFAO who he claims once again stole his most infamous line “Hustlin”.

DeRay Mckesson Sues Baton Rouge Police Over Arrest During Alton Sterling Protest

DeRay McKesson, a prominent figure in the Black Lives Matter movement, was arrested along with 200 people during peace protests from July 6 – 11 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and according to him, unlawfully. He’s not letting this one go as he moves forward to sue the police force himself.

Microsoft Sues Over Law Prohibiting Tech Companies From Telling Customers When Gov Requests Customer Data

Microsoft is seeking for a federal judge to rollback a law that allows courts to restrict tech companies from telling customers that the government has gone after their data. This is important since much of our lives are personally tied to our devices which are ultimately in the hands of these huge companies.

Paul Walker’s Father Sues Porsche Over His Son’s Death

Father of late actor and fan beloved Paul Walker, has sued Porsche for his son’s death in his unfortunate red Porsche Carrera GT accident, and is charging the automaker with unsafe manufacturing. Read the full story after the jump.

Paul Walker’s Estate Sues His Friend For Allegedly Stealing His Cars Less Than 24 Hours After He Died

Paul Walker’s estate is filing a lawsuit alleging that his friend stole Walker’s sports cars less than 24 hours after his death. Read more on the story below!

Mother Sues Target For Causing 22-Year-Old Son’s Suicide!

A mother is suing Target for causing her 22-year-old son to commit suicide. Read more on the story after the jump!

(Video) Boxing: Yikes! Shantel Jackson Suing Floyd Mayweather; Claims He Attacked, Pulled Gun on Her & More

Wow, this isn’t good for the champ at all. Floyd Mayweather’s ex, Shantel Jackson, has filed a lawsuit against him. She’s claiming he attacked her on multiple occasions and even pulled a gun on her. Hit the jump for details…

(PHOTO) MLB: Yankees Fan Suing ESPN After They Showed This Shot of Him on TV

C’mon man, you gotta take that L!  You wanna sue because you’re embarrassed?!  Ridiculous. A man shown sleeping (see pic above) on ESPN during a Yankees-Red Sox game is now suing for defamation. Hit the jump for details…

NBA: Joakim Noah Sues Former Shoe Sponsor

Good thing Joakim Noah is now with Adidas, because he sued his former shoe sponsor, Le Coq Sportif. He thinks they make terrible sneakers that may have damaged his feet.  Hit the jump for details…

NBA: Kevin Durant Suing His Accountant

Kevin Durant is suing his accountant claiming he tried to screw over the IRS by making it seem like KD’s cook was an essential part of his NBA career.  Most people would try to get away with this, but not KD.  Honest as they come apparently.  Check out the report…

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