Here’s What The iPhone 5S And 5C REALLY Cost!!

This happens every time a new iPhone drops, a company named IHS finds out the bottom line $ it costs Apple to make the iPhone. Then we get an idea what they are charging us to make their profit.

President Obama Says Good-Bye To Our Penny Supply !?!?

Well, we may not be getting rid of the penny at this moment, however the issue has been bought to the attention of President Obama. During a “Fireside Chat” a participant wanted to know why was the penny still being produced. Obama thinks that the zinc/copper material that takes 2.41 cents to produce and distribute is useless as well, but it’s something that “everyone” in use to and it would be somewhat odd to get rid of it right now. He has to worry about the BIGGER wrongs in the world before he can get to the smaller ones. Drop down bottom for his full response on the issue.

Tech Talk News: Apple Shares Fall After iPhone 5 Supply Scare

News circulated over the weekend that Apple could not meet supply demands and not able to manufacturer enough iPhone 5’s.  Since the news was released Apple’s stock took a dip of 2.5%. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

U.S Navy Says “Iranian Threats Will Not Be Tolerated”

Iran threatened to shut the crucial Strait of Hormuz shipping route if sanctions are leveled on its oil industry. Blocking the strait would choke off about a sixth of the world’s oil supply and dramatically excalate tensions with the rogue regime in Tehran. Basically i you cut off oil there are going to be some pissed off countries that are going to bomb your country #thatisall. Click below to read the story. @WiLMajor

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