(Video) Gucci Mane Thanks People For Buying His Last Album

Gucci Mane is super grateful for those who bought his last album. In a recent video, he thanks all his supporters and tells them that there will be new music on the way.

TLC Slammed By Kickstarter Supporters Demanding To Know When Album Will Be Released

TLC fans have become impatient and are demanding that T-Boz and Chilli give them their money back. Back in January TLC, went out on a limb and asked for their fans money and support to fund their fifth and final album. The iconic group started a kickstarter campaign with hopes to raise $150,000. Fans were so excited about the album that they were able to raise more than twice that amount, and raked in $430,000 in just one week! Now, nearly eleven months later fans are demanding to know where the promised new music is. Hit the jump for more.

(Photos) Really? Officer Darren Wilson Supporters Bash Media and Ferguson Protestors

Officer Darren Wilson, the man who murdered unarmed teenager, Mike Brown, surprisingly has a group of supporters rallying in Missouri on his behalf. Not only did some of these people travel from long distances to regroup, but they are also stating that the teen DESERVED his punishment of death. Majority of this team believe that Officer Wilson is innocent until proven guilty. “Support Darren Wilson” T-shirts have also been made in retrospect to the black community that has been protesting since the shooting occurred on August 9th, 2014.

Hundreds Gather At Rally For Tasered Graffiti Artist

Above shows the mother and sister of the 18-year-old graffiti artist who had his life abruptly taken away from him. Israel Hernandez died on Tuesday after being shocked by a stun gun by police. On Saturday, hundreds of supports gathered at the site where he was spray-painting.

5 Already Dead In Rallies Occurring in Egypt?!!

Huge rallies in Egypt are occurring due to some in support of the ousting of the islamist president and others against the act. During the rallies, 5 have already died, while the rallies are still continuing. read more after jump

Obama Supporters Critical To Change We Can Believe In

The White House is trying to keep the momentum it built up in the election, after President Obama’s first term White House officials learned that the battle isn’t complete at the polls. In order to create a social change major steps need to be made, but major steps come from the ground up with the government following the lead. If the grassroots campaign the Obama administration runs can’t continue to keep up the energy I’m afraid the President’s ability to get the job done will be fought for four more years. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

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