(Video) UPDATE: Authorities Claim Chris Brown Is About To Get Arrested

Police have found their way to Chris Brown yet again. Chris was in his home with few friends, including his boy Ray J, when some uninvited guest showed up. The guest included one man who was invited but two females who were not. The woman were asked to leave. One of the women filed a police report stating Chris Brown pulled a gun out on her.

(Video) Young Thug Has A Mean Run In With SWAT

Looks like Young Thug had a scary encounter with SWAT. During a misunderstanding, the SWAT team drew loaded guns to Thug and his teams face.

(Video) NFL: SWAT Team Swoop Down On Davone Bess

We told you a couple weeks ago that former wide receiver, Davon Bess was arrested in his Arizona home for what started as a traffic stop and ended with insanity. Check out the swat team footage.

(Photo) NFL: Davone Bess Arrested In AZ After SWAT Standoff

Remember Davone Bess? Wide Receiver for the Browns and Dolphins a couple years ago? Remember how suddenly, he kept having run-ins with authority figures and acting crazy? Well, he’s at it again. This time, an early morning standoff with SWAT got him taken down by a K9 unit inside his own home.

Georgia Man Killed By Swat Team On Courthouse Steps

A man was shot dead by Swat on the steps of a Georgia courthouse after he tried to drive into the building armed and ready to take hostages. Dennis Marx, 48 tried to drive his car into the Forsyth County Administration Building around 10:30 a.m. After being approached by Deputy Rush, Marx shot Rush in the leg. He then proceeded to the building, firing shots from an assault riffle. Marx was shot dead by a Swat team shortly after. Marx was due in court that same day and feared not going to jail.

SWAT Team Kills 107 Year Old Arkansas Man During Shootout???

The Arkansas SWAT Team bursted into a house after reports that an elderly man had pointed a gun at two others within his household, ultimately he ended up being the one losing the battle he created. Hit the jump for more details!

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