(Video) Internet Sensation Sweet Brown Speaks On Becoming An Entrepreneur & Her New Impressive Hustles

Remember everyone’s favorite “Aint nobody got time for that” internet sensation Sweet Brown? Well, not only is she making money, but she’s using her new found fame to do a bunch of really dope things. From her own line of BBQ sauce to making cameos in Tyler Perry movies, it is safe to say Sweet Brown DOES have time for that! Check out the interview below.

(Video) Sweet Brown Gets Reality TV Show? “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!” LOL!!

Oh Lord Jesus it’s a… Sweet Brown. The internet sensation has not been forgotten about just yet. After a recent interview, Sweet Brown spills the beans on her new reality show, which she describes as a mix between “Sweet Brown meets The Jeffersons meets The Beverly Hillbillies.” Oh my. She talks about Charles Ramsey, who recently gained fame in a similar way as Sweet Brown. Hmmm… sounds like they would make a cute couple. LOL! She also discusses the new film she’s doing with Tyler Perry, Beyonce quoting her, and more! Hit the jump to watch the hilarious interview with Sweet Brown.

POLL: Who Was The More Hilarious Sensation? Sweet Brown, Antoine Dodson Or The Latest, Charles Ramsey?

Charles Ramsey has become an overnight sensation and an accidental hero, after leading 3 women to safety by helping them escape from the house they’ve been held captive in for over a decade. In his interview after the girls were saved, he made some comments that have become instant meme classics, like how he’d make ribs and listen to salsa music with his neighbor. LOL! Question is, though, is he MORE classic than Sweet Brown (Lord Jesus, it’s a fire!) or Antoine Dodson (hide ya kids, hide ya wife!) Watch all 3 videos below and take the poll!

Lawd Jesus It’s A…Movie? Sweet Brown Cast In A Tyler Perry Film!

The fire that swept Sweet Brown’s apartment complex ended up being the best thing that ever happened to her! After her hilarious commentary to the local news crew went viral for her comments like, “Lawd Jesus it’s a fire!” and, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”, Sweet Brown has been featured on dozens of talk shows and even a commercial and now…she’s reportedly being cast for a Tyler Perry movie! Isn’t it crazy how someone’s life can change literally over night? Get the 411 on the film below.

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