Master P Calls Out Today’s Rappers For Getting High Too Much & Not Working

Master P was on the air this morning and took a little jab at today’s rappers claiming they just get high too much off syrup and that it’s ruining our generation of hip-hop. Arguable. Hit the jump for his comments on the game.

A$AP Rocky Ditches Lean For What?!

On to the next thrill A$AP Mob Frontman Rocky talks about his new choice of poison. Straying away from lean, the rapper is now into more experimental drugs. “My inspiration now is from psychedelics and shit. LSD, I love it. It almost makes you feel like you’re the best creator next to God.” he said. “I look forward to a stadium full of people high off of energy, whatever their preference of drug is, and my music,” he said. “A stadium full of people just losing themselves to the moment. When I get that, that’s when I’ll be satisfied.”

(Video) LMAO!! Cops Were Looking For Drugs But Guess What They Found!!!!

Crazy! Imagine having drug agents show up to you house, and you have no idea why, or what to do. Meet Laura Benson and her family, right after the jump!

FOOD: Chicken & Waffles Flavored Syrup

Who didn’t love waking up to buttery Eggo’s smothered with warm maple syrup when they were a kid? I know I did! And as an adult, the first time I visited Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles in LA – I was in heaven. Now the food God’s over at Torani have blessed us with a Chicken & Waffle flavored syrup for those days when making a trip to Roscoe’s in Cali or SoCo in NY is out of the question. Check out this new syrup and some interesting waffle creations below! Caasi Cofer

Expensive Maple Syrup Gone Missing In Canada

Million dollars worth of real authentic maple syrup has been stolen from a warehouse in Quebec, Canada. What are the thieves going to doing with over 10 million pounds of syrup? How did the culprits manage to pull off such a outlandish crime? We need answers. Read more below. Minosoar

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