(Video) Donald Trump Says The System Is Rigged Against Black People And Also Him

While speaking with Bill O’Reilly, Donald Trump spoke on how he believes the system is rigged against black people and also him.

(Video) Ex Baltimore Cop Discusses Police Corruption & How The System Is Set Up Against Latinos & Blacks

Ex cop from Baltimore, Michael Wood sat down for a full interview on the Joe Rogan Experience. He gives the honest truth about the system and pretty much explains how that it’s not built to benefit blacks and Latino’s. Check the full clip below…

Here’s How It Works IF You Don’t Update To iOS 7!!!

iOS 7 has been the talk of the web since it was announced in June(besides the 5S & 5C), and the day is finally here, but what about those that could care less or are worried they can’t update because they’re scared their favorite app won’t be on iOS 7?? Well there’s not an app for that, but there is a cure!!

(*18+*Video) CRAZY….His Car Bass Makes Her Orgasm!!!

I mean the days of ‘Cars ride by with the Booming system’, but dude has not only brought it back, he’s got a trick up his sleeve! Hit that Jump famo!

New Gaming System Ouya Postpones What????

The game console, Ouya has postponed its release until June 25th. It was initially suppose to come out on June 4, but because was pushed back to meet the high demand of the console.

WARNING…ALL Copyright Infringement Stops NOW?!?!

This Could Very Well Be Biggest News of the 21st Century Thus Far….A Copyright Warning System!!! Will This Affect the way you listen to you On-line Music, Will This Affect the way you share your favorite Music Video, Will This Affect your overall On-line experience?!?! Well, it might…Hit the Jump, watch the video that complicatedly explains exactly what May happen!!

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