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Hello Rapper World…. So you’re an talented independent artist that Freestyles and wants a shot at spitting next to Flex as well as one of the other opportunities like possible Stage performance, or getting studio time to meeting with label execs… and much more to come… No Worries, we have you covered below!

(Video) Talented Saxophone Artist Takes Creative To A New Level

Corey Staggers takes talent to another level as he takes his Saxophone and creates mixes with it. In a few video clips, we see Staggers use his instrument to play “Work” and “Sex With Me” by Rihanna.

(Video) Funk Flex And @krnfx In The Studio For A Beat Box Session!!

So Funk called me late last night told me this Video was coming to my email, and although it looked crazy on his IG, the Full is CRAZY Dope!!

(Photo)Check Out Trey Songz Two Dates To Movie Premiere Baggage Claim

(Video) Free S**T – Tyler, The Creator Hands Out Clothes To The Homeless In The Craziest Way!

This dude may be TALENTED as all hell, but he’s also one of the silliest! Tyler, the Creator has been designing clothes and there even sold out of an L.A. store, so he has an unlimited selection. Which is why he found some homeless people and handed out a few things. “I’ll give [these clothes] to some homeless, and watch ’em fight over it,” says Tyler. “It’s a big-ass box of fresh-ass clothes right here if any of you mothafuckas need it,” he yells at the drop-off point. LOL! Hit the jump and check it out.

Can This Frog Beat You At This Game???

Have a talented pet? People are always training their animal-companions to do impressive things. This is just insane though! This dude has one talented frog. Hit the jump for video Tat Wza

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