Behind The Lyrics: Wiz Khalifa Misses Amber Rose On “Somebody Else”

Just one day after Amber Rose stepped out with Machine Gun Kelly on her arm, Rico Love released the remix to his song “Somebody Else” with Usher and Wiz Khalifa – and unlike his verse on Juicy J‘s “For Everybody,” Wiz had nothing but nice things to say about his ex. (No word on whether that’s changed now that she’s now dating his boy.) “Thought I had it, all the magic/I couldn’t imagine it, then it all went tragic,” Wiz raps. “Automatically I’m the bad one/I was only doing us, gave you everything/A kid, a house and a wedding ring/And now you talk about you can do better things.” He goes on to reminisce on what they had and seemingly wish they would have lasted despite the drama, then closes out the verse with, “Cause being alone ain’t what you wanna be/And me with a girl ain’t what you wanna see/And truthfully it ain’t you, it’s me.”

Usher: ‘My Marriage Was My ‘Best Mistake’

Usher explains why doesn’t regret his two year marriage to ex-wife, Tameka Foster in the September issue of O Magazine.

Tameka & Usher Raymond Sell The Home They Once Shared At A HUGE Loss

After their divorce in 2009, Usher allowed ex-wife Tameka to live in the home they once shared, but after 4 years, he decided to sell the 8-bedroom, 11-bathroom home. As part of their divorce settlement, she was allowed to stay in the home, but he was also allowed to sell it whenever he felt like, so long as he gave her a 30-day notice. That notice came in the Fall of 2013, and it was finally sold on November 20, 2013, for $2.2 million, taking a nearly $1 million loss on it. Usher first purchased the home in 2007 for $3.04 million. He’d actually been trying to unload it since 2012 when he was awarded custody of their sons, but it took a year to get a bite.

Oh Boy! Guess Whose Exes Are Teaming Up To Dish Dirt & Possibly Join The Cast Of “Hollywood Exes!”

Usher and Cee-Lo Green‘s ex-wives, Tameka Foster and Christina Johnson, may be the next cast-members to join the VH1 show, “Hollywood Exes.” According to sources close to the two singers/The Voice judges, Cee-Lo isn’t too worried, though he “joked that his ex may spill some of his dirty secrets.” However, Usher isn’t taking it too lightly. Everyone knows his divorce was QUITE a mess, and he thinks Tameka might really come for blood on the show. I wouldn’t doubt it!

Tameka Foster-Raymond Files Appeal!

Two days after Tameka Foster Raymond lost custody of her two young sons with Usher Raymond, we learned that she would be filing an appeal. And reportedly this week, that is exactly what she did. What ground will Tameka be filing an appeal on? Find out after the jump Quay

Nasty Hollywood Divorces!

Click below to see the nastiest Hollywood divorces. Funk Flex

Tameka Foster Won’t Go Down Without A Fight

On August 24, 2012 a Georgia judge granted Usher primary custody of his twin boys. Foster was been given visitation rights and is reportedly planning to appeal the ruling. Since then Tameka Foster has vowed to “stand firm” in the custody battle. See below for more. Funk Flex

Usher & Tameka’s Bitter Custody Battle Rages On After Son’s Death

These two just can’t see eye to eye, no matter the circumstance. Despite the death of Tameka’s 11 year old son last month, their custody battle has not taken a backseat to sympathy like many thought would. Tameka’s lawyer has filed new documents in the child custody war slamming her ex-husband, saying his concern for the death of her son was fake and just for the media. Wow. Details below. Marisa Mendez

Usher Decides He Wants to Settle With Tameka In Court In Light Of Tragic Jet Ski Accident

Usher and his soon-to-be ex-wife Tameka Foster were going through a nasty, bitter divorce, duking it out in court for custody of their two sons before a tragic accident shook things up. In light of Tameka’s son (from a previous relationship) being in critical condition after being hit by a jet ski, Usher has decided it’d be best to just settle. Details below. Marisa Mendez

Usher Is “Torn Up” Over Stepson’s Tragic Accident

Usher and his estranged wife Tameka Foster were in the midst of a messy divorce when tragedy struck Tameka’s son/Usher’s former stepson, Kile. The 11-year-old was tubing on a lake when he was hit in the head by a jet ski ridden by a family friend and has since been pronounced brain dead. Though Usher and Tameka were not on speaking terms, Ursh is right by her side in this trying time. Details below. Marisa Mendez

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