Judge Rules Ludacris Has Final Say Over Any Pics His Daughter’s Mother Posts Of Their Kid

Ludacris has been in an ongoing custody battle with Tamika Fuller, the woman he fathered a daughter with while on a break from his now-wife, Eudoxie. It’s been messy to say the least, but ultimately, a judge ruled a while back that Luda gets full custody, and has been denying Tamika’s repeated attempts to appeal it.

Ludacris Says His Baby Mother Photoshopped His Daughter’s Injuries To Make Him Look Unfit

Ludacris is not here for his baby mother’s shenanigans. He believes his baby mother Tamika Fuller photoshopped his daughter’s injuries to make him look like an unfit father. Fuller says she picked up their 2-year-old daughter from daycare and she had bruises on her from being in her father’s care.

Ludacris’ Baby’s Mother Is Not Finished With The Child Custody Battle

It’s been an up-hill battle for Ludacris’ baby’s mother, Tamika Fuller. After going to court for the custody of their daughter Cai Bella Bridges, Fuller lost the battle to the Atlanta rapper. As a mother, Fuller applied for an appeal, however, the courts denied her request. For her, the battle just will not end because she plans on going back in for another try. Hit the jump for more.

WELP: Ludacris’ Baby Mama Makes A GoFundMe Account For WHAT?!

Baby mamas that you’re not in a relationship with are hardly ever fun, but having a “love child” with a random is, I’m sure, 100x worse. Rapper Ludacris unfortunately got himself into a sticky situation which resulted in having a child with a woman named Tamika Fuller. The two recently went to court for a custody hearing on April 9th and she did not win like she was hoping. Fuller then decided to create a GoFundMe account to beg and plea for $7,000 after losing custody of her daughter, Cai Bridges. Click below to read Tamika’s sob story she wrote to get people to donate below.

Not Giving Up Without A Fight! Tamika Fuller Claims Ludacris Hid Wife’s Pregnancy From The Judge!

Tamika Fuller is doing everything she can to win back custody of her daughter. She is ready to expose Ludacris in court but will she win this time? More deets below!

You Go, Girl! The Mother Of Ludacris’ “Break Baby” To Work A 9-5 Just To Get Custody Back!

WELP, it looks like the mother of rapper Ludacris’ “break baby” is trying to straighten her life out. After she lost custody of their 1-year-old daughter Cai in the courts to Luda, it seems that his BM is doing anything possible to get her baby girl back. Tamika Fuller is gearing up for her next appeal for their custody agreement and decided to get a regular 9-5 job working in the hospital industry to try to impress the courts as much as possible. Her new gig put her on the night schedule, totaling to 40 hours a week on the clock. We’re not quite sure if it will be enough to wow the judge, but it is definitely a start in the right direction.

(Video) Ludacris Wins Full Custody Of His “Break Baby”

Ludacris said “Phuck yo’ child support!” The rapper has been battling it out in court with Tamika Fuller, the woman he fathered a child with while on break from his now-wife, Eudoxie. Tamika had recently attempted to get more money of Luda, to which he responded by taking her to court and asking for full custody. During the proceedings yesterday, Tamika detailed how Ludacris begged her for an abortion, attempting to paint the picture that he did not want the child, so his motivation for full custody is strictly a monetary one. Unfortunately, that seemed to backfire for her, and today a judge awarded Luda full custody of Cai Bridges, while her mom was granted visitation.

WELP… Ludacris’ Baby Mama Says His Marriage Is A Front To Win Custody & Avoid Paying Child Support!

Ludacris was involved in a pretty message love child situation last year, leaving him with a baby from a pretty random women along with a wonderful long-time girlfriend by his side who he is now married to. Luda’s BM, Tamika Fuller, is saying his unexpected marriage (which happened the same day he proposed to Eudoxie) is simply a huge front to look better in the eyes of the judge. Ludacris says he is a better parent and can provide for their child more so than she could. According to Fuller, Luda is aiming to gain full custody of their 1-year-old daughter to avoid paying $7,000 a month in child support. Do you think his baby mama is just bitter at the circumstances? OG Petty Johnson.. UH!

Ludacris Ordered To Pay Even More To His New Child’s Mother

Ludacris has been involved in a nasty child custody battle with the woman he fathered a child with while on a “break” from longtime girlfriend Eudoxie. Though the amount of child support had already been decided, Tamika Fuller wanted Luda to pay her court fees as well. Luda responded with filing a motion to have Fuller found in contempt of the court, but unfortunately, the judge has sided with Tamika on both counts. Luda is now required to pay out $35k to Tamika in legal fees, and because his motion to have her found in contempt was denied, an extra $2,000 was knocked on to the 35 thou! Lesson here, fellas? WRAP IT UP, ESPECIALLY WITH A RANDOM CHICK!

(Photos) Ludacris’ New Baby’s Mother Speaks Out: “Luda’s Never Seen His Daughter!”

Alright, I’m going to just say what we’re all thinking: Yo, this woman looks old as f*ck! Sorry, I’m really not here to tear anyone down or anything, but zamn! I’m just kind of wondering how all of this went down, especially when Ludacris’ longtime girlfriend Eudoxie is gorg! (Blah, blah…beauty is on the inside…blah, blah.) Anyway, back to the story. As we all know, Ludacris recently fathered a child outside of his current relationship (allegedly while they were “on a break”,) with a woman by the name of Tamika Fuller. The pair are currently in a bit of a battle in court over child support payments, with documents leaking left and right revealing extortion plots and the like! Meanwhile, Eudoxie isn’t even batting an eyelash over the whole ordeal. With the blogs running rampant with various reports and rumors, Tamika decided to step up and clear her name in a written statement. Check out what she had to say below.

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