NFL: Man Tasers Wife After Winning Bet on Packers/Bears Game — Gets Arrested!

When bets go wrong!  While this isn’t funny to everyone, I had to laugh because I can see this happening in my household!  I am a Giants fan and my boo is a Cowboys fan — so I can totally relate to what happened here. LMAO.  A man who is a Bears fan had a bet with his wife that is a Packers fan on Monday Night Football — the outcome: she got tasered & he got arrested. SMH.  Check out this story…

(Video) NFL: London Fletcher’s Family Gets Into Fight With Browns Fans; Aunt Suffers Heart Attack

While the Redskins celebrated a big win yesterday, LB London Fletcher’s family got into an altercation with Brown fans where police used tasers & resulted in three of Fletcher’s family members getting arrest and his aunt suffering a heart attack. SMH.  When will fans learn that they need to chilllll?! Story after the jump… GameTimeGirl

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