(Video) Diddy Shares His iPhone 6 & Apple Watch Experience!!

Looks like Diddy was one of the lucky people to be in the crowd at one of Apple’s biggest days ever, the announcement of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. He shared his experience on social media with the hashtag #diddyview, but no need to go look for it, because we have it right here for you!!

(Photos) Check Out The ‘Apple Watch’ And What It Can Do!!!

Aside from the new iPhone situation, and Apple Pay, there was ‘One More Thing’, and it was Beautiful! With a Ex-Tag Heuer exec over seeing the product, the ‘Apple Watch’ has so much to offer!

(Video/Photos) Check Out The NFC Enabled Apple Pay; Easy Way To Pay!!

Today’s announcement was really big for Apple, yes they announced the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but a software factor built into the new iPhone is Apple Pay! Yes people have beeeeen waiting a really long time for Apple to incorporate NFC tech into it’s products, but classical Apple, once they got it, it’s better than the rest!

(Video) Caught On Tape: Broad Daylight Shooting In New Orleans

Looks like a few days ago in Central City in New Orleans 2 guys got into a scuffle, and 2 other guys with one of the guys in the scuffle decided to break up the fight with gun shots, while the 2 were scuffling.

(18+ Video) Caught On Tape: ‘FHRITP’ Strikes Again Live On The News!

Lmao, it seems like it hunting season for all live newscast’s, you never know when it’s gonna happen, any time any where….well the only trend we can see is it usually happens at sporting events! 1st it was at World Cup coverage and now trickled down to a local Arizona TV station covering a new rule about less alcohol in the stadium, nuts!

(18+ Video) Japanese ‘Adult’ Stars Give Up Their Breast For 24hrs To Raise AIDS Awareness

Japanese porn stars know how to raise awareness, the went to a public event to let anyone ‘grab some boob’ in order bring more attention to HIV in Japan, and the world.

(Video) Exactly How The iPhone 6 Will Look In Your Hand, Plus Proof Of Better Resolution!!

I’ve been seeing so many people popping off on IG that they ‘already have the new iPhone’, ‘oh where is YOUR connect’….Problem is I’m like 99.999999% SURE they have a ‘Mock-Up’ that’s going around and just FRONTING, but this reputable site has put together leaked parts to assembled it themselves, which we have to repeat more than a 3D printed prop.

(Photo) New App “Emojli” Will Let You Send ‘Coded’ Messages!

It’s really only code if you understand emoji’s, this new app will allow you to have a conversation using ONLY emoji’s, sheesh, 1st snapchat, now this!

(Video) Drake And Bobby Shmurda Shmoney Dance At NJ Concert!

‘Drake, You’re Smart, You’re a Genius’, Bringing out the guy that has the summer smash(or is it Shmash?), when you’re in his area, for real that’s smart! Shmurda hit the stage with the ‘Gun Squaaaaad’, and Drake ends up doing the Shmoney Dance!

(Photos) Check Out The 24 Karat Gold Beats Pro, Only 30 In The World!!!

These are some really DOPE headphones, I mean FIIIIIIRE! Straight 24K Gold(Everything, even the screws), No plastic except for the the connectors that extend the headphone down, and the wire that plugs in, Ostrich skin leather, built for durability and just beautiful!!

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