(Photo) NBA: Umm Fan Gets a Bad Carmelo Anthony Team USA Tattoo

Fans often get tattoos of their favorite athletes, and though I don’t agree with doing it, the artists usually do such amazing jobs I have to compliment them.  This tat on the other hand is a major fail.

(Photo) Olympics: Someone Already Has A Tattoo Of #PhelpsFace

Earlier this week, Michael Phelps face became a meme as he stared down, or should I say through, South African swimmer Chad le Clos, who decided he was going to shadowbox right in front of Phelps in the call room prior to the race. The face that Phelps had instantly spread across the internet as a meme and even NBC started using the image in the corner of the screen. Ricky Fung, owner of a tattoo shop in Toronto decided it was the perfect image to get a tattoo off and he shared the result on twitter. It came out pretty damn good.

Tattoo Artist Sentenced For # 3 1/2 Years

A women went to get a Ying Yang tattoo but tattoo artist tattooed something else rather than Ying Yang.

(Photo) NBA: Kevin Durant’s Favorite Rapper Is Notorious B.I.G. But He Decided On A Tupac/Wu-Tang Tattoo

Kevin Durant is just full of surprises this summer. He shocked the world by deciding to take his talents to the Bay Area and join the Warriors after leaving the Thunder via free agency. He had another surprise for folks yesterday when he arrived to practice for Team USA in Vegas, sporting a brand new tattoo, paying homage to both Tupac and Wu-Tang Clan.

(Photo) Fan Gets A Tattoo Of Desiigner On Their Arm

I think one fan took things a little too far as they got rapper Desiigner’s face tattooed on their arm. I can understand being a loyal fan but this is too much.

(Photo/Video) Guy Gets a Tattoo On His Ass Of John C. Reilly And Will Ferrell

I’m sure we’ve all seen our fair share of crazy fan tattoos but this one really takes the cake.

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