Ty Dolla $ign Hit With $180,000 Tax Lien

Ty Dolla $ign is the latest rapper to get smacked with a big tax lien, although now he can probably afford it.

Cam’Ron Hit With $183k Tax Lien

Following Nelly’s multi-million dollar tax lien, Cam’Ron has also received a visit from Uncle Sam. According to reports, the Dipset rapper owes $183k in back taxes, and the IRS filed a Federal Tax lien against him earlier this year. They plan to seize his property and assets if the debt isn’t paid in full in the near future.

Iggy Azalea Explains Tax Lien, Says It’s A Non-Story

Yesterday afternoon, news hit that Iggy Azalea had been hit with a $400k tax lien for reportedly not paying her taxes. Apparently, that’s not quite the full story. Chatting with a fan on Twitter, Iggy explained that she’d struck a deal with the IRS months back for her 2014 taxes, and opted to do a payment plan rather than pay the $400k in full – as most people would, even when you have the money. She likened it to a credit card statement, or a headline that would read, “Iggy Pays A Mortgage On Her House Every Month!”

T.I. Reportedly Hit With Tax Lien

T.I. just made an announcment that he became one of the latest artist owners of Tidal. Now we are hearing that the rapper was recently hit with a $1.6 Million tax lien. This isn’t the first one though. There are two more tax liens against T.I. One for $1.4 million and the other for $3.1 million.

Lil Wayne Hit With ANOTHER Tax Lien – This One For $900k

Alright Weezy, WHO DO WE NEED TO FIRE IN YOUR ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT? We know you have money, we know you don’t handle your money (as a majority of celebrities do not,) so obviously someone on your team is not taking care of business, and they have to go! Bringing his grand total to $12.9 million dollars, Lil Wayne has been hit with yet another lien for $868,079.89 in taxes for the year 2014. The Young Money rapper has an estimated networth of $150 million, so this would be a drop in the bucket – if he didn’t owe $5,843,952 for 2011 and $6,311,132 for 2012. Thus far, he’s only paid $175,719 of that debt, and he has a handful of other lawsuits on the table as well.

Kelis Owes $86K In Back Taxes To Uncle Sam!

It looks like Kelis is the latest celeb to join the long list of famous people who owes money to Uncle Sam. The “Milkshake” singer turned chef apparently owes a total of $85,844 after failing to pay her taxes back in 2011. If she fails to pay the money she owes to the government, she can be looking at her one million dollar house in Glendale, California getting taken from her.

T.I. Speaks Out On Owing The IRS $4.5 Million

News recently broke that the rapper and family man T.I. is in pretty deep with the IRS. According to the most recent documents, T.I. and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris have two federal tax liens against them totaling up to $4.5 million dollars. T.I. has released a statement regarding to financial troubles. Read more below.

NFL: Terrell Owens Hit Again… Owes IRS Over $100,000

Terrell Owens just can’t seem to catch a break financially.  The former NFL star has been hit with another big tax bill from the IRS.

Solange Issues Statement Regarding Her Huge Tax Lien

…And the IRS bullies strike again! News recently hit the ‘net that Solange owes Uncle Sam a total of $50,000 for unpaid taxes from 2010-2012. The IRS apparently showed up at her home just a few days after she wed with Alan Ferguson at their secret wedding. However, the fashion icon has finally released a statement regarding her issues with the hefty bill she owes for back taxes. Solange’s press rep says, “The lien is in process of being removed as there was simply confusion on whether Solange was a California resident. We expect this to come to a swift close.” I mean not for nothing but… not only is Solange related to some of the most wealthy people in the industry but she also has a bunch of her own hustles. I’m sure $50K to her is light work and can be taken care of even if the statement isn’t 100% factual. MUST BE NICE, I tell ya!

The Government Seizes Stevie J’s Property!

Stevie J has found himself in a bind with child support issues and his tax problems with the government. According to TMZ, the Love & Hip Hop star could potentially lose most of his property if he doesn’t pay his child support.

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