IRS Comes For Rick Ross’ Pockets As He Owes Them Over $5 Mil!

The latest rapper to be in the crosshairs of the IRS is none other than the boss himself, Rick Ross. The International Revenue Service claims he owes alot of tax money stemming back from early as 2012, and is yet to pay them.

Nelly Owes The IRS Over $2 Million

Jeez…Nelly is in some serious debt with the IRS.

Nas Owes $570k In Back Taxes

Another day, another celeb who owes money to the IRS. This time it’s our guy Nas, who according to the state of Georgia’s Department of Revenue, he needs to pay up $571,550 for his 2007 income. This breakdown amounts to $425,842 in back state taxes, a $60,000 penalty, $57,000 in interest and a $71,000 “collection fee.” With all these successful investments he has going on, however, I’m sure Esco can take care of this quickly! Check out the tax doc in the gallery.

Millionaires Are Asking To Have Their Taxes Raised To Help Those In Poverty

Millionaires from all over such as the families of Disney and Rockefeller are asking to have their taxes raised to decrease poverty. The millionaires wrote Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and top New York lawmakers a letter that proposed the top 1% of earners in the state have their taxes raised. The millionaires feel as though additional revenue is needed to help address those in need such as children in poverty, homelessness, aging bridges, tunnels, water pipes and also roads.

Guess Which R&B Crooner Might Get His House Taken By Uncle Sam?!

It looks like yet another celebrity has made enemies with Uncle Sam. R&B crooner Brian McKnight is in deep doo-doo with the government after allegedly not paying his taxes. Instead of owing tons of money like most, he actually is on the verge of getting his house in Southern California taken away from him for failing to pay up!

YIKES: MC Hammer Owes Uncle Sam Some Serious Paper!

It looks like MC Hammer needs to start cutting checks because he is in the dog house with Uncle Sam! The rapper currently owes $800,000 to the IRS for unpaid taxes. When he infamously filed for bankruptcy awhile back, the IRS is claiming that they did not get any of that money because it went straight to the creditors that he owed almost $1 million dollars to.

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