Tyga Owes $20k In Taxes In California

Tyga just keeps on adding to his growing list of people he owes money to! From landlords to the IRS, T-Raww has IOU’s all over the place! The latest for the Young Money rapper comes from the State of California, who say he owes a cool $19,124.98 for allegedly skipping out on his 2009, 2010 and 2011 tax bills. Now, $20k really isn’t too bad, but considering he has all of these other outstanding bills, it may really start to add up!

(Photos) IRS Employees Cheat Taxes And Keep Jobs

According to a new audit released Wednesday May 6, 2015, the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) refused to remove employees that cheated on their taxes. In fact, some employees were even promote after these discoveries.

(Photos) Solange Knowles Owes $50,000 in Back Taxes After Secret Wedding

The year’s definitely been interesting to say the least for the fashion icon, businesswoman and recording artist as now Solange Knowles Owes $50,000 in Back Taxes After Secret Wedding. Seems like with every step forward something’s pulling her back…Keep ya head up!

(Video) Boxing: How Much?! Find Out How Many Millions Manny Pacquiao Saved By Fighting Chris Algieri In China

Pac man made over 20 million dollars in his victory against Algieri over the weekend. Who knew that choosing to hold the match in China had so many incentives. Hit the jump for details.

Terrence Howard Would Rather Pay The Feds…So He Said

Terence Howard owes the federal government a PRETTY PENNY and says ex-wife Michelle Gent has some nerve to demand nearly $500,000 in back spousal support find out more inside…

Lil Wayne Owes HOW Much To The IRS In Back Taxes?!

If my taxes were this high, I wouldn’t want to pay them either! Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work like that – and Tunechi better pony up before Uncle Sam comes for blood! Earlier this year in Miami, the IRS filed a tax lien for taxes owed from the Young Money CEO for 2011 and 2012 for a grand total of $12,155,084. (That comes out to $5,843,952 for 2011 and $6,311,132 for 2012.) Sheesh! It didn’t stop there, though. Shortly after, the IRS filed another lien in Weezy’s hometown of Jefferson County, Louisiana. This is because Wayne currently owns property there, which the IRS is planning to seize if he doesn’t pay the $12 million! That’s a LOT of money, but I think Tune probably has that!

The Government Seizes Stevie J’s Property!

Stevie J has found himself in a bind with child support issues and his tax problems with the government. According to TMZ, the Love & Hip Hop star could potentially lose most of his property if he doesn’t pay his child support.

Which Celebrity Had A $900K Debt!??!!!?

According to TMZ Mary J, Blige erased her $900k debt to State taxes!!!! Since last february, Mary J was suppose to pay court $900k but new documents say her debt is squared off. Seems like a good deal except she still owes the IRS $3.4 million in back taxes. Maybe it’s time for a new album MJ?

Sports: Check Out How Much Pro Athletes Pay in Federal Income Tax

Hopefully everyone got their taxes done yesterday, you don’t want to mess around with that!  In honor of a day that many dread, it’s been revealed what pro athletes pay — you know it’s gotta be a lot right?!  Check it out…

Too Legit To Quit: MC Hammer Says The IRS Is Hounding Him!

MC Hammer is lashing out on the IRS, claiming that the tax company is coming after his loot again!

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